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The UK’s leading barrier system

ProtectaLine Barrier Pipes are a award winning, fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system. Its multi-layer construction that is tough ensures that any contaminants staying from industrial land and sites can’t permeate into the water supply.

Why Barrier Pipe?

Used land that is contaminated is being reused for new developments where drinking water is needed. Such land, specifically former industrial property, must either be remediated to reduce contamination to acceptable levels, or an appropriate barrier pipe system must be installed which provides a high level of protection over conventional pipe systems and can guarantee the long term safety and quality of the water supply.

Pipe systems shouldn’t be used in land as certain residual chemicals corrode or can permeate the pipe wall resulting in unpleasant flavor and shortening the life of the pipe.

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After being let down by another online supplier I decided to give Easymerchant a try based on a recommendation from a friend. I've placed several orders for twinwall drainage over the past few weeks and they have not let me down once. They always answer the phone and happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend!
Pete Hogg
Pete Hogg
22:09 01 Aug 18
I have placed several orders with this company now, for twinwall ducting and drainage and they have been very reliable. Deliveries done on a professional vehicle and on time and as ordered. Will continue to re-order
darryl page
darryl page
21:24 04 May 18
Quite impressed. First time ordering and will definitely use again.
Neera Chouhan
Neera Chouhan
16:59 02 May 18
Fantastic and delivered on time. I think I've found my new go-to for my piping and bits.
Saj D.
Saj D.
17:01 02 May 18
Great customer service and value for money. Will definitely use again.
Dominic Marston
Dominic Marston
14:54 04 May 18
A better and more genuine company than your jealous competitors.. We hate dishonest reviews and think you deserve a big 5 stars,From everyone here at SI
Daisy Pedersen
Daisy Pedersen
15:42 13 Nov 18