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Within this category you’ll find all sizes and lengths of Protectaline Barrier Pipe. If you’re unsure or require some advice please do feel free to contact us using the chat feature or by phone.

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More Information on The UK’s leading barrier system:

Protecta-Line Barrier Pipes are a award winning, fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system. Its multi-layer construction that is tough ensures that any contaminants staying from industrial land and sites can't permeate into the water supply. We keep a huge range in stock and years of experience selling this system.

Why Protecta-Line Barrier Pipe?

Standard pipe systems shouldn't be used in contaminated land as certain residual chemicals corrode or can permeate the pipe wall resulting in unpleasant flavor and shortening the life of the pipe.

The alloy within the Protecta-Line pipe produces a barrier to permeation of hydrocarbons, such as gas, and protects the water in the core from contamination. Protecta-Line Barrier pipe not only provides added security against land that is already contaminated but also protects against any potential troubles. Although innocuous at the time, a simple drip of oil or flow of gas from a vehicle sitting on a driveway can, over time, begin to permeate through the ground and a contaminating substance could come into into contact with the pipe.