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Puriton Pipe

Puriton Barrier Pipe protects drinking water through contaminated land. You’ll find all sizes and lengths within this category, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

More Information on Puriton Barrier Pipes:

The Puriton system is the barrier pipe system of choice for your new or replacement drinking water supply. Puriton® is a cutting edge solution for the safe distribution of drinking water through contaminated land.

The Puriton® system consists of a multi-layer composite structure pipe, which combines the unique characteristics of polythylene with the exceptional barrier properties of aluminium, and a range of specifically designed fittings to suit the pipe. The system is quick and easy to install and is designed to provide a high level of protection against soil contaminants commonly found in brownfield sites.

The alloy within the construction generates a barrier to permeation of hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, and protects the water in the centre from contamination.

Barrier pipe not only provides added security against land that is already contaminated but also protects against any potential troubles. Although innocuous at the time, a simple drip of oil or stream of gas from a vehicle sitting on a driveway can, over time, begin to permeate through the floor and a contaminating substance could come into into contact with the pipe.

Standard pipe systems shouldn't be utilised in contaminated land as certain residual compounds corrode or may permeate the pipe resulting in unpleasant taste and shortening the life span of the pipe.

In the absence of a floor condition assessment (soil report) for a new or replacement supply, where the site is presently employed as or has had action in one of the above categories, your own water authority is extremely prone to ask you to put your supply pipe at an approved barrier pipe material. Used land that is contaminated has been reused for new developments where drinking water is necessary.

Such land, specifically former industrial land, must be remediated to reduce contamination to acceptable levels, or an appropriate barrier pipe system must be installed which offers a high degree of protection over traditional pipe systems and can guarantee that the long term security and quality of the water supply.