170mm Industrial Guttering Exceeds Expectations on Agricultural Building – Case Study

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The high-strength, 170mm Industrial Guttering system from Kayflow has been put in place on a large agricultural building in Shropshire. The Grey Industrial guttering system has been used to restore and improve the shed’s original rainwater system. 

The owner of the small farm, Mr Tom Farmer, needed an improved guttering system with higher volume to take over from his old system. He said that it was due to the fact “it’s been up there 20 years, since we built the shed. While the material itself is ok and has stood the test of time, the capacity hasn’t; it’s no longer adequate”. He went on to state, “We have been getting more flash storms with large quantities of rain falling in short, sharp bursts and the current guttering just can’t cope with it; the rainwater simply comes pouring over the side.”

The exterior walls of the building are able to cope, however the guttering system on the opposite side of the shed must deal with the water from two different roofs, both with different pitches, creating a more intense run-off. The original installation of the 60ft x 20ft roof happened 15 years ago in a bid to cover both the Dutch barn and shed. The increase in the amount of rainwater has highlighted a failing in the ‘internal’ guttering system with the underneath zone becoming saturated, therefore giving rise to a displeasing amount of run-off water. This resulted in harm being caused to Mr Farmer’s equipment and feed stores.

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Mr Farmer was aware of Higher capacity systems being used, but the 170mm industrial guttering system pleased him above all. He said “It is a much better product.  I have looked at a number of systems and this one is by far the best.  It’s not just the depth of it but also the shape of the gutter, it’s more oval than round which means that it’s still a manageable system; it’s not all high sides – it’s wide and deep.” 

The 170mm industrial guttering system was installed with ease and all inside of one day. Once the industrial gutter brackets were fixed in the recommended position of 600mm intervals, it was simply a case of clicking the guttering into place. Mr Farmer said “I was particularly impressed with the brackets and fittings,” and continued.  “They’re twice as strong as the ones I had originally looked at, they’re far more robust.” A single Fascia bracket is capable of comfortably carrying just under 20 stone or equal to 125kg. 

A common issue with a lot of other guttering systems is internal heat build-up, but the white inside profile of this 170mm industrial guttering helps to fight this process. This industrial guttering is available black and grey, both with a heat resistant white internal colour.

With the highest flow rate available on the market (aside from our 200mm Industrial guttering), the 170mm industrial guttering has the volume to transfer 10 litres per second which is roughly fivefold that of a regular industrial system. This is beneficial to Mr Farmer’s situation as the guttering system on his shed is coupled with a natural pool on the farm used primarily for irrigation purposes. 

The overall closure made by Mr Farmer was that, “Even though the shed is open to the elements with the wind and rain sweeping in across the flat terrain, the 170mm Industrial Guttering system has been performing very well. There’s been no sign of any overspill, which is a vast improvement.  It’s also proved to be a good talking point, impressing a few of the local farmers!”

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