Can I fit a single skin oil tank? Or will I need a bunded oil tank?

1150H Single Skin carbery single skin fuel oil tank

Can I fit a single skin oil tank? Or will I need a bunded oil tank?

Another frequently asked question here at Easymerchant Limited, and we hope this handy guide will answer it for you:

For some domestic oil tank installations fitting a single skin oil tank can be a suitable solution. This applies to England & Scotland only, and NOT Wales.

In any situation, an oil storage risk assessment should be carried out to determine the correct tank and installation. This can be carried out by an OFTEC approved engineer.

In brief a Bund or Bunded Tank is required in domestic situations if:

  • Your tank is in Wales.
  • You are storing over 2500 litres.
  • Your tank is near an open drain or loose-fitting manhole.
  • Your tank is within 10m of controlled water such as a river, stream etc.
  • Your tank is located where any spillage could travel over hard ground to reach controlled water.
  • Your tank is located within 50m of a borehole, spring or well.
  • Your tank vent is not visible from the fill point (such as an extended fill point)
  • Your oil use is for a building other than a single-family dwelling.
  • Any other unique hazards to your site.

All domestic oil tanks over 2500 litres need to be bunded.

All non-domestic oil tanks over 200 litres need to be bunded.

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