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A collection of expertly written guides on how to fit and install products available to purchase from Easymerchant. If you’re in need of advice and there isn’t a guide available here, then please feel free to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

How to do a Percolation Test for Soakaways / Septic Tanks

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How Perform a Percolation Test for Soakaways / Septic Tanks – Guide by EasyMerchant In this guide we’ll go through the basics of performing a percolation test. which is a necessity if you’re going to install a septic tank or soakaway crates system. What is a Percolation Test? Wikipedia says “a percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) […]

How to install Channel Drainage

how to install channel drainage

Read Our ‘How to Install Channel Drainage’ Guide  If you’re looking to prevent standing water on a large paved, tarmacked or concreted area you may be considering installing channel drainage. A channel drain provides a neat, tidy and fairly simple drainage solution – but unless it’s installed properly, you might not get the result you […]