Which type of channel drainage should I use? Channel Drainage ratings explained!

which type of channel drainage should i use

Find out which channel drainage rating you should use? Channel drainage ratings explained.

Here at Easymerchant Limited we are often asked which channel drainage (called trench drain in the USA) rating will be suitable for the customer’s specific needs, and we agree to begin with it can seem fairly confusing. We hope that our handy channel drainage ratings guide below will make your buying process easier and clear things up for you.

A15 (15kn – load up to or exceeding 3,372 lbs per foot):

Pedestrians & Cyclists Only. A15 rated channel drains are rated to a loading weight of 1.5 ton. As such they’re rated for use in pedestrian areas only. As the weight of most vehicles will exceed the rating.

B125 (125kn – load of at least 28,100 lbs per foot):

Footways, pedestrian areas, car parks, car parking decks, private driveways. Commonly, B125 rated channel drainage systems will be the go-to channel drainage when installing block paving on a driveway / car park. They’re usually sold with either a plastic or a galvanised grating, and often in “garage packs”.

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C250 (250kn – load of at least 56,200 lbs per foot):

General parking areas, goods vehicles, slow moving traffic. The C250 rated channel drainage systems will usually be more than suitable for light commercial applications where medium sized vans or small lorries may operate.

D400 (400kn – design load of at least 89,920 lbs per foot):

Carriageway of roads, hard shoulders, parking areas for all types of road vehicles. For use on highways, carriageways. Suitable for any type of road traffic, and also for commercial areas using forklifts etc.

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E600 (600kn – load of at least 134,800 lbs per foot):

Areas imposing high wheel loads ie docks, aircraft pavements etc. Also for use in areas where heavy duty forklifts / tractors or JCB’s may operate.

F900 (900kn – load of at least 202,320 lbs per foot):

Areas imposing particularly high wheel loads ie aircraft runways etc. Strong enough to carry the weight of a fully loaded aircraft. This is the strongest channel drainage rating available.

We hope this handy guide will make your life easier.

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