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Purchase BT Telecoms Ducting Online Today

BT Duct Pipes are made for carrying British Telecom’s data cables and phone lines. It’s a rigid pipe system made from PVC.

More Information on BT Duct?

A robust and impact resistant system, British Telecom ducting is simple to work with and has a long lifespan. Supplied in 6m lengths. A range of BT bends and fittings are available.This product is impervious to most chemicals, common liquids and corrosion. However, if you’ll be using BT ducting in the highly polluted areas, please ask for some advice before buying.

What is BT Telecoms Ducting Used For?

A BT Telecoms duct pipe system is used to protect BT phone and data cables, keeping them safe while they're buried underground.

What Is BT Telecoms Ducting Made From?

Ducting systems are usually printed with standard markings, as well as any other information required by the buyer, to give traceability and toughness after installation.Physical Characteristics: Raw materials are PVC resin and other additives appropriate for the needed properties of the finished duct. The standard colour of BT Ducting is grey.

What Accessories are Available for BT Telecoms Ducting?

You’ll only need additional couplers if you want to join off-cuts of pipe together. PVCu telecoms duct pipe includes integral sockets. Easymerchant also keeps the all angle bends you may need for a complete system.

Benefits and Features of BT Telecoms Ducting

  • High-quality construction and toughness
  • Low coefficient of friction for easy and quick cable installation
  • Easy installation in congested footways

Ducting General Principles

  • All runs must be laid down as straight as possible
  • If necessary, you can carefully bend the ducts or use pre-formed bends supplied by Easymerchant
  • There can be no more than one 90 degree bend in any single run of duct
  • Pre-formed ninety degrees bends can’t be fixed in any duct connecting two joint boxes
  • Service strip or footpath ducting must be laid at 350mm depth of cover
  • Please inform your field-based coordinator when the duct has been laid and is ready for inspection
  • All space along the duct must be sealed with granular fill to a depth of 75mm
  • The duct end point shall be in a place that will allow access for any future maintenance activity

Why Choose Our Ducting Pipes?

  • Fast installation: Our ducting is convenient and fast to lay.
  • Durable: Made of PE or PVC material, our ducting pipes are non-conductive, smooth, robust and don’t deteriorate in the ground.
  • High quality: All our products are manufactured to meet European and British Standards and the strict requirements of different industries.
  • Colour-coded: BT Duct is colour coded to match your needs.
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