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Domestic Channel Drainage System With Galvanised Grids

We source our galvanised channel drains from renowned manufacturer Flex seal. It’s a very high quality channel with a galvanised grid. The grid has a “heel guard” pattern to stop high heels from slipping through.

More about galvanised drain channels:

Fernco Storm Drain Plus channel drainage was produced in accordance with the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and manufactured to the BS EN 1433 standard in order to comply with regulations.

Flexseal Channel drain known as Fernco Storm Drain Plus is a unique and easy to install surface water plastic channel drainage system for a domestic situation. It gives a complete and long-term solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water through the channel drainage system that is exceptional. The drain channel is available in 1m lengths and may be combined with a range of accessories, aiding installation and providing connection into mains drainage.

It provides a complete and long-term answer for the collection and dispersal of surface water through the channel drainage system. The channel drains are available in lengths and could be used with a range of accessories, helping installation and providing connection into mains drainage. Our channel drains have been produced in compliance with the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and manufactured to be able to comply with regulations. Channel drains are a tidy neat and unobtrusive drainage solution which is used everywhere from the most tiny domestic configurations up to large scale places. Channel drains are known as drains or Aco. Level depth drainage can be supplied by us and constructed to suit all circumstances. Drain channels come in sizes, from components for roof drainage all the way up to 250mm for motorway drains. They are designed using a lot of different of materials, including steel, concrete that has been polymer plastic that was wet-pressed and concrete.

You are always welcome to contact us using our contact number or chat feature with any questions you may have regarding channel drainage. We have more than 50 years experience in the drainage industry and you're in safe hands. At EasyMerchant, we've a broad assortment of channel drainage products available. These include the fundamental 1 metre long units for use through to stainless steel components for airports or car parks. There are individual channels which have drops that are built in. Those with drops are typically employed to empty large areas like parks. There are many different accessories that will be required for projects.

We provide a broad range including corner components sump units, end caps, and socket adaptors for channel drains. Channel drains are a building product utilised around the world for many different purposes. You may hear them being called trench or linear drains or drain stations. But how does channel drainage work? The explanation concerning channel drainage works is that it's based on gravity. They're made up with the channel being built using plastic, concrete or a composite material. This helps to decrease floods and water spill overs. These drains can also be utilised to control water flow by lowering the pressure being put on the system in the area it's been installed. The odds are - you've likely walked or driven over one within the past few days or so.