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Order Domestic Channel Drainage System With Plastic Grids

Our plastic channel drainage comes in 1m lengths and is perfect for use in domestic situations such as in front of a garage or in the garden. It’s a cost effective system, black in colour.

More information on plastic channel drainage:

Our plastic channel drain systems are an easy to install surface water channel drainage system for a domestic environment.

Plastic drainage channels are a building product utilised around the world for a variety of purposes. You might hear them being called linear or trench drains or drain channels. But how does channel drainage work? The explanation as to channel drainage works is that it's based on gravity. They're made up of a grating over the top with the channel being made from a composite material, concrete or plastic. The aim of channel drainage is to eliminate surface water from an area (such as a driveway or car park). This also helps to decrease flood and more than spill. These drains can also be utilised to control water flow by decreasing the pressure being put on the system in the region it has been installed. The odds are - you've likely walked or driven over one within the previous few days or so.

It provides a complete and long-term solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water through the channel drainage system. The channel drains are available in 1m lengths and may be used with a range of accessories, aiding installation and providing connection into mains drainage. Our channel drains have been produced in compliance with the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and manufactured to the BS EN 1433 benchmark to be able to comply with regulations.

Channel drains are a tidy unobtrusive and neat drainage solution which is used anywhere from the most tiny domestic configurations up to large scale places. Channel drains are also known as Aco or linear drains. We can supply level depth and built to suit all circumstances. Drain channels come in many different sizes, from units for roof drainage all the way up to 250mm for motorway drains. They're designed using a great deal of different of materials, including steel, concrete that has been polymer concrete and wet-pressed plastic. The purpose for installing the drainage channel will determine which type is most suitable (We have guides available to assist you select the correct channel). You're always welcome to contact us using our contact number or chat feature with any questions you may have regarding channel drainage. We have over 50 years combined experience in the drainage industry and you are in safe hands.

At EasyMerchant, we have got a broad assortment of channel drainage products available. These include the fundamental 1 metre long units for use on private driveways, through to stainless steel components for large car parks or airports. There are people who have built-in drops, and ones that maintain a depth along their entire length. Those with drops are normally employed to empty large, flat areas like car parks. The 100mm plastic type is used for lengths of drain, and on regions with a little slope or fall. There are a variety of accessories which will be required for particular projects. We supply a wide range including sump units, corner and availability components, end caps, and socket adaptors for channel drains.