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Buy Primed 100mm Half Round Cast Iron Guttering

Find unbeatable prices for 100mm (4 inch) half round cast iron guttering. It comes primed ready to be painted in your desired colour.

*Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only. The products themselves may differ slightly from the images shown. Please rest assured all products supplied will be fit for purpose and as close a match to the pictures as possible.

More Information on 100mm Cast Iron Guttering:

EasyMerchant keep in stock a full range of 100mm (4 inch) half round cast iron guttering manufactured by Alumasc.

Ideally suited to craft based contracts, where required, providing close replication of historic styles.

Apex Heritage cast iron down pipes are available from stock and are complemented by a wide assortment of hopper heads, fittings and accessories. Cast iron, as a building material, has been around for a very long time, and advancements in technology have ensured that today's products are fully conducive to modern construction needs. You can paint the guttering in any colour your wish, the most common being black or white guttering.

Long Lasting with Low Maintenance:

Cast iron is non-combustible and in case of a fire will not contribute trickle and corrode or burn or allow the transfer of toxic fumes, or flames. Building regulations do not require fire collars to be fitted to 100mm cast iron systems.

Known as a substance that you need not worry about once fitted, 100mm cast iron gutter requires no real upkeep, and that's especially important when pipework is hidden, inaccessible and when upkeep would be redirected to the inhabitants of the property. Inspections are recommended however if the systems are installed properly, only painting should be deemed necessary.

Iron attributes longevity for rainwater, soil or drainage solutions; installations are proven to last in excess of 10 decades.

Durable and High Strength:

100mm cast iron guttering will not defect under loads, making it the perfect alternative for above ground drainage installations. This strength additionally benefits guttering systems securing against high winds, snow drops and the weight of ladders.

100mm cast iron is ready and hardy to resist the rigours of onsite managing; pre-finished products are provided wrapped to protect them during transport. Its low coefficient of contraction and growth also negates the necessity for expansion joints.

High resistance to impact is particularly valuable in areas like colleges and vehicle parks, where exposed pipework may be exposed to accidental damage or vandalism.

Cast iron pipe methods might be one of the most durable components of a building to withstand mechanical unblocking and upkeep additional to the regular usage.

Resistant cast iron and to damage from hot liquids does not warp or fade from sunlight; when exposed to substances like primer and specification paint coatings and they also offer improved functionality.