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EasyMerchant have partnered with Maincor to deliver you Metal Press Fittings at the best prices available. Overnight delivery service available with free delivery for all orders over £120/ex VAT.

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More Information on Maincor Impress Metal Press Fittings:

EasyMerchant Provide a range of Maincor metal press fittings to create permanent non-demountable systems from sizes 16- 63mm, which together with the introduction of the patented 'O' ring construction ensures the most secure plumbing connections.

Why You Should Use Maincor Metal Press Fittings:

Less Chance of Errors - The Matching will leak if the fitting is not pressed. Work being sprayed until the leak is found, Reducing warranty costs.

High Quality Construction - The matching has one big O-ring (called a D-ring) which is much more Substantial compared to an O-ring that is ordinary. This implies it is Much more difficult to harm or dislodge as the pipe moves Into the fitting.

Increased Flow - The larger bore allows for Considerably enhanced flow.

Seeing Windows - Letting the installer to check the Pipe is inserted correctly reducing the chances of a mistake.

Ease of Installation - The pipe goes to the fitting

Metal Press Fitting Construction:

Maincor Metal Press Fittings are constructed from CW 617N brass in light of the demands of this DVGW worksheet W 534 and the Drinking Water Ordinance and have been developed for the region of drinking water and heating. The fitting is coated utilising a tin layer using a galvanic method.

The profile ring assembled on the profile of this matching is assembled from EPDM substance (with DVGW and WRAS approval) and is acceptable for drinking water. A pressing sleeve made from stainless steel is assembled on the matching contour, with which the fitting is pressed on the pipe.

Corrosion Resistance:

Corrosion is unlikely in heating that's been professionally installed. Generally Maincor Metal Press Fittings can be installed into floor plaster or concrete subject To the place and accessibility demands of fittings in Accordance with Water Regulation (UK) Water Bylaws (Scotland) guidelines.

There are, however, exceptions in which this is not possible without suitable protection:

• permanent moisture
• pH value > 12.5

In such a case, standard corrosion protection products (e.g. a dedicated sleeve) can be used.

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WRAS approved