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Maincor Overboard, screed board and underfloor heating products available online from EasyMerchant. The entire range is available to order with a speedy delivery service. Technical help available.

More Information on Maincor Overboard Systems:

The 12mm Multi-Layer Composite Pipes (MLCP) are laid within 18mm thick, pre routed, high density dry screed panels at 150mm centres, providing a low profile solution which lends itself to situations where minimal ground elevation alterations are needed. Because of the physical properties of Overboard, the panels Permit the heat to disperse effectively across each of the floor areas that are heated.

Features and Benefits:

  • For retrofit or extensions - Low floor height of system when installed, only 18mm high.
  • For new build timber frame developments - Where the floor deck is an integral part of the timber frame, an Overboard type system is usually the only option for underfloor heating.
  • Solid finish - The panels are fixed down which gives a solid feel underfoot and a stable platform for the flooring above.
  • Dry assembly - Dry alternative to wet screed systems which reduces the time on site, benefiting the build programme.
  • Thermal comfort - The dense panels conduct heat evenly, creating a uniform heat distribution.
  • Fast response time - The Overboard system heats up from cold much faster than conventional screed and responds like radiator heating.  adjustments are desired. Due to the physical properties of Overboard, the panels allow the heat to spread effectively across all of the heated floor area.
  • Full room coverage - The entire floor area is acting as a heat emitter, which provides a higher output than an alternative plastic end-panel system.
  • Unobtrusive - Minimum disruption when installing in existing buildings.
  • Quality material - Precision engineered, tight tolerances and quality assured.
  • Fixing points - The panels have 3 fixing points on each channel which makes it far quicker to install the pipes.
  • Easy planning - The end returns are exactly half the size of the main panels which means less cutting is required and it’s quicker to plan and install
  • Ergonomic - Overboard ‘straight’ panels weigh 14kg - suitable for one man lifts.
  • Cost effective solution - Competitive pricing coupled with better technical performance making this the best solution on the market.

Installation Features:

  • Quick to design - There's no need to lay in a brick formation, hence cutting edge of the panels. Also it's much easier to plan on site. Less cutting of panels means less material wastage and dust generated.
  • Bubble design - Due to the creation of their end returns, there are options on pipe placement and less need for routing onsite, saving time, hassle, wastage, dust and breakages.
  • Easy when carrying up stairs, and round corners to handle The panels are a convenient size for carrying on site - easy for a single individual to manoeuvre. They are less likely to crack during handling. Square border panels - Less cutting to fret about edges during planning, creates the panels robust for managing and stronger at the borders.
  • Repairing points - The panels have 3 points on each channel that makes it far quicker to put in the pipes - they stay put and don't spring back out of the grooves, which saves time on website.

Maincor Overboard Technical Details:

Overboard screed panels function as carriers such as pipes in underfloor heating systems. Due to the physical properties of Overboard the panels allow the heat to propagate effectively. Panels are available as finish yields, as straights and in two configurations. The majority of the heated floor space will usually be covered with the right panels that are 1.2 x 0.6m and 18mm high. Where feed pipes are to be laid, the finish returns are to be utilised and those are 0.6 x 0.6m (just half the size of the straight runs), which makes installation quicker, since the cutting edge of the panels is minimised.

Material: Gypsum and cellulose fibre
Dimensions - straights 1200mm x 600mm x 18mm
Dimensions – end returns 600mm x 600mm x 18mm
Weight - straights 14kg
Weight – end returns <7kg
Density: 1150kg/m3
Thermal conductivity: λ 0.32W/mK
Water vapour diffusion resistance: µ 13
Swelling after 24hrs contact with water: <2%
Reaction to fire classification: (EN 13501-1) A2
Accoustic performance* Impact sound insulation: EN ISO 140-6 LN,w [dB]: 53
Airborne sound insulation: EN ISO 140-3 Rw [dB]: 54