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Pipe Laser Levels

IMEX Pipe Laser Level for levelling a range of pipe diameters. Adjustable gradient to give the correct fall on your pipes. Imex is the leader in linear measuring and laser degrees, offering the professional tradesman superior quality, innovative products and widest range.

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More Information on Pipe Laser Levels:

Pipe laser levels are especially suited to sewer construction, gravity pipes and at which a line grade and line is essential. Built for the tough environment that is working, all the  lasers have aluminium housing. It is the only pipe laser that will fit inside a 100mm/4" pipe and includes a very clear and easy to read screen allowing operators to see grade numbers, battery status and the line and level indication. Laser levels utilise an amplified laser, a concentrated beam of light emitted from a device.

Pipe ;aser levels project a beam of light that can be utilised as a visual chalk line every time there is a reference point that is level and straight needed. The dimensions of the beam of light depends upon the size of the diode. Pipe laser levels are not cheap laser levels, but once you consider the savings made from less time spent installing the pipes, less time correcting mistakes, and less money spent on fixing mistakes, then it makes a lot of sense.