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Buy Oak Porches at EasyMerchant

Make your property stand out with a beautiful hand crafted Oak Porch. We now have a selection of oak porches available in kit form, all made from seasoned green oak which conform to EC5 regulations.

Additional Information on Oak Porches

product picture of Wall Mounted and Two Post Support Air Dried Green Oak Porch Kit

A Porch is a perfect way to add to your home, both aesthetically and practically.

Not only can one of these highly adaptable home extensions enhance the look of almost any residence, but it can also serve as the ideal gateway between inside and outside spaces.

Benefits of Building Your Porch with Oak

  1. Increased Property Value

Oak porches will not only beautify the front of your abode but will last a lifetime and increase the value of your home.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

The carbon trapped by our great oaks is bound into their fibers over many decades, before being chopped up and made into oak porches.

  1. Increased Curb Appeal

Oak porches allow you to create spaces, which blend your home into its environs in a way that cannot be achieved with other building materials.

Why Buy Oak Porches from EasyMerchant?

  • Durability

All our oak porches are made from the highest quality oak. This means your porch has the potential to last a lifetime, withstand harsh elements, and adapt to its surroundings.

  • Aesthetics

Our oak porches give the exterior of your home a face-lift, and seamlessly blend in with the character and build of the house.

  • Versatility

Our oak porches are designed to be inviting and protective. These natural wood finishes work with a range of stone, glass, and brick builds.

  • Sustainability

At EasyMerchant, we make certain our oak comes from sustainable sources. Our oak porches are made from sustainably managed forests, where more new oak trees are planted every time they’re chopped up. 

  • Security is Crucial

At EasyMerchant, we implement and adhere to Security Best Practices for all our esteemed clients when shopping for oak porches online. 

  • Anti-Modern Slavery Policy

We always make sure that there is no trace of modern slavery in any part of our business.

  • All our Oak Porches are Made from High-Quality Oak

There’re no shortcuts for us - the oaks used to make all our porches are the finest restoration grade.


What makes EasyMerchants’ oak porches stand out?

We have many years of experience, and we can proudly say that we have in stock the most exquisite hand-finished oak porches obtainable.

Why choose oak porches?

Oak is a material that can provide the perfect combination of practicality, charm, and style. Attractive, ethical, and long-lasting oak is ideal for porches.

Oak porches are:

  • Attractive. Oak is capable of transforming any facade from just average to extraordinary.

  • Dependable and Sturdy. An oak porch will stand and protect your front entrance for many years to come.

  • Adaptable. Oak porches can be made into different sizes and shapes, to suit a variety of different homes. 

Where to Install Oak Porches?

Oak porches can be installed at the back doors or front doors of a property. Our porch designs allow for easy installation on almost all properties.

Order From Us for Premium Oak Porches!

Our oak porches add a wonderful dynamic to all properties. You can put your trust in our tried and tested systems that will offer a long-life return. Oak porches are quickly becoming more and more popular as a way to add value and curb appeal to any property.

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