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Bunded Oil Tanks

Find Bunded Oil Tanks made by Harlequin and Carbery Plastics. Perfect for meeting the new regulation changes in Wales. These Oil Tanks ensure against spillage into the environment. We also offer an installation service for those who’re looking for supply and fit!

If you’re after a size of tank that isn’t listed on our website, then please contact us for a price.

More Information on Bunded Oil Tanks:

Bunded oil tanks are used to store hazardous substances, such as domestic heating oil. They differ from other oil storage tanks, such as'single skin tanks' because they have a secondary containment tank or 'external skin' (also known as bunding). This implies that if any oil leaks from the storage tank, the fuel will be contained to stop it spilling out onto the ground.

Carbery Bunded Tanks consist of a 'tank inside a tank'. Fuel is stored in the tank, whilst the outer tank acts as a fail-safe in case of a spill, significantly decreasing the risk of an environmental pollution incident. In the UK and Ireland, plastic bunded oil tanks are used in agricultural and domestic installations too, as well as a requirement at all industrial, commercial and institutional installations. A bund (or catch pit) is a secondary containment system designed to prevent fuel lost from the tank escaping into the surroundings. Bunds may be constructed from concrete or masonry to include a single-skin oil storage tank and must have the ability to hold at least 110% of the tank's contents should over spill or a leak occur. Integrally bunded heating oil or waste oil storage tank systems are a solution that is sensible and are readily available.

A bunded fuel tank is used by most industrial and commercial premises (i.e. the ones that require an oil tank with a storage capacity of more than 200 litres). They're also a legal requirement at domestic installations, where siting of the tank needs it based on the requirements of OFTEC. Tanks over 3,500 litres capacity will need to be bunded. Up to this storage limit, it really depends on the pollution risk. By way of example, a tank is vital if the container has to be sited in a place that carries the risk of an oil spillage reaching a public water supply, river, lake or stream.

If you are unsure of the type of tank you need, the best step is to contact your local installer, that will carry out a risk assessment for you and allow you to know whether a plastic bunded waste oil tank is essential in your circumstances.

At EasyMerchant we chose our providers based on their ability to supply products which are not up to standard, but can also be available for quick delivery and at an price. In regards to bunded oil tanks, we operate with Carbery Plastics to accurately deliver top quality bunded oil tanks directly to you as fast as possible.