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Armacell pipe lagging keeps warmth in and cold out of your pipework. It also deadens the sound of flowing water and leads to a much more efficient system.

More Information on Armacell Tubolit Pipe Insulation:

Tubolit is your range of protective, acoustic and acoustic insulation products for heating, domestic hot and cold water and drainage pipe installations within both residential and commercial buildings.

The range provides solutions to minimise energy losses, shield pipes situated in walls and floor screeds and improve comfort.

Tubolit and tubolit DG are closed cell polyethylene insulation for plumbing and heating installations. Thanks to the low thermal conductivity. Tubolit DG and Tubolit Quick elbows and tees minimise energy losses and dramatically reduce emissions of the building.

The comprehensive range of sizes includes Tubolit DG for insulating plastic pipes along with the Tubolit Quick variety of elbows and equivalent tee bits. Tubolit® range between Armacell is a economically priced insulation for domestic heating and plumbing software, made of CFC- and HCFC-free compact and closed-cell polyethylene foam, that is resistant to age and is quite easy to install.

Thanks to the low thermal conductivity, Tubolit minimises energy losses - up to 80 percent - and radically reduces CO2 emissions.

Tubolit® pipe is a hygienic product: it isn't fibrous and generates no dust during use or installation; it will not sustain vermin is odourless, rot-proof and non-hydroscopic and will not encourage development of mould or fungi. That makes Tubolit® the perfect material for pipes and heating insulation. Tubolit DG is provided in slit or semi-slit tubes which can be snapped on or sleeved over the pipe work in the traditional manner. The tubes must be fitted with a slight level of compression that was endways.

Tubolit DG features and specifications:

  • Polyethylene-based, closed-cell foam flexible pipe insulation for heating, plumbing, frost protection and energy conservation applications: Insulation and protection for pipes (heating pipes, warm and cold drinking water,- rain- and sewage pipes), fittings or similar of heating and sanitary installations.
  • Keeps your hot water hot for longer and reduce carbon emmissions and bills.
  • Material: Closed cell extruded polyethylene;
  • Totally CFC and HCFC free.
  • Safety and environment: Ozone depletion potential of zero; GWP three; Dust and fibre free; Reaction to fire - no ignition.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Extremely economical.
  • Semi-slit for easy installation.
  • Bore diameter: Ø28mm - suitable for insulating 28mm Copper Tube/Pipe
  • Thickness of insulation (wall thickness): 19mm - commonly used for heating applications - it is low cost, energy efficient and easy to work with even for a DIY user.
  • Length: 2 metres.
  • Surface temperature range: +5°C to +100°C.
  • Thermal conductivity (to BS EN ISO 8497): 0.035W/mK @ 0°C; 0.039W/mK @ +40°C.
  • Normal density 25 kg/m cubed.
  • Dimensional stability: 2%.
  • Colour: Silver grey.