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Condensulate Condensing Boiler Pipe Insulation Kits

Condensate boiler pipe insulation protects the condensate pipework and stops it from freezing during winter months to keep your boiler running all winter long. If you’ve ever been left with no heating during winter months due to a frozen pipe, then you’ll understand why these kits are so popular!

More Information on Condensulate Pipe Insulation:

During winters that the UK has undergone spells of cold weather - down to minus 20 degrees and below in several locations. This has resulted in a significant gain in the number of calls to boiler manufacturers and heating engineers from families with condensing (high efficiency) boilers where the condensulate drainage pipe has frozen and become blocked with ice, cause the boiler to shit down. In the huge majority of cases such problems occur where the drainage pipe that is condensulate is located externally to the building for a certain part of the length of it.

Revised guidance on condensulate pipe installation:

The external pipe should be insulated using appropriate waterproof and weatherproof pipe insulation (Class O" pipe is suitable for this purpose).
Internal condensulate drainage pipes run in unheated areas such as lofts, basements and garages should be treated as external pipe.

Condensulate Xtreme.

Condensulate Xtreme is a specially designed insulated pipe which prevents the condensate pipe from freezing. It is made of a special insulation material known as "Aerogel" which is ultra thin and higher performance. The material won't allow condensate to freeze at -10 degrees and will help protect from freezing down to -20 degrees!