Pipe & Cable Wall Seals & Entries

We have partnered with German manufacturer Hauff Technik who manufacture lots of innovative products to help seal pipe through external walls. Not available anywhere else, these products have only just come into the UK market.

More Information on Pipe & Cable Wall Seals:

EasyMerchant has partnered with German cable and pipe wall seal experts Hauff Technik to bring you innovative problem solving products that are not available anywhere else online in the UK. These cable and pipe seals allow easy entry through walls for cables and pipes eliminating expansion issues and the need for wet trades.

Information on Hauff technik:

As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sealing systems for cables, pipes and building entries, we protect buildings from penetrating gas, water, fire, dirt and vermin. Our innovative solutions guarantee complete leak tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all types of construction work. From detached houses to various construction services through to large infrastructure projects such as airports and power stations. Yet architects, planning engineers and personal property developers also rely on our expertise and experience. We offer them all the right solution to meet their specific challenges - either from our extensive product range or custom-built.


Quality is not just a matter of chance. And neither is innovation and total focus on the individual customer and their challenges. These things need hard work. And this is only possible with a team and, specifically, the right mixture of experience and enthusiasm for new ideas. To ensure that we do not see everything through Hauff blinkers, we frequently set our procedures through their paces with certifications and assessments.

The success of our company is based on team performance. The more than 250 skilled and highly motivated employees at Hauff-Technik are represented by the management team.

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For builders, contractors and tradesmen in the construction industry who can not afford delays in receiving critical goods. EasyMerchant guarantees you get the products you need, on time to finish your project without delays or cost over-runs. We stock a complete range of items, that are accurately picked and quickly shipped so that you can finish your projects on time, every time.