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110mm Solvent Weld Soil Pipes & Fittings

110mm Solvent Weld Soil Pipes and Fittings available in Black & Grey, the whole system is British Standards approved for your peace of mind. Please note this product range is not kept in stock at EasyMerchant. All orders will be sent out via a partner company. Although there should not be any delays, please bear this in mind when ordering.

More Information on Solvent Weld Soil Components:

110mm Soil Vent Pipe, available from EasyMerchant in Black and Olive Grey. Full range available at low prices with next day delivery available!

What is a bonded stack?

A bonded set-up is an extremely durable way of putting a stack together, designed to provide secure joints. All products are manufactured to BS4514/BS EN1329. Parts are available in most colours and fully compatible with EasyMerchant's other components. Plus there's absolutely no need for protection from ultra violet light when used externally due to the parts being manufactured to include a UV stabiliser to enable to parts to keep their colours when exposed to direct sun light.

Stacks may carry liquids in a constant flow with temperatures of up to 76°C. For intervals of as many as 2 minutes they may also carry liquids with temperatures of around 100°C. The bonded parts are specially formulated to be resistant to boiling fluids.

Our components are resistant to most inorganic acids and alkalies and are unaffected by UV light. A bonded set-up doesn't support combustion, although all PVC-U runs must always be sealed with fire kayaks where they pass through cavity walls and flooring.

Joints are made by brushing EasyMerchant's solvent weld solution on the outside surface of the end of the pipe, and also onto the inside of the fitting. The length is then immediately inserted into the the fitting where it can be twisted to the correct position to ensure a great bond.

The cement actually melts the two surfaces and bonds them together to make a permanent bond. Fluid can be run through the connection within 20 minutes, although we recommend that the join is left for 24 hours before full testing. Bonded joints aren't demountable so care should be taken to make certain that everything is correctly aligned prior to assembling the joint.

As fitting sizes are identical, components can (and often are) used inside a ring seal installation if required. On a full bonded stack, push fit joints should be incorporated every 4m to allow for expansion. EasyMerchant advises that lengths should be supported with clips every 2m when fixed vertically and every 1m when they are run horizontally.

Manufactured to BS EN 1329:2000, parts are completely compatible with other components and integrates with EasyMerchant's Waste and Underground drainage range.

How to create permanent joins

Although we've covered how a cement solution works in principle - it's worth understanding exactly how to carry out the process, as there are a couple of steps that people sometimes forget. 

Step 1

First, it's important to work with clean, tidy pipes. As such, you should aim to tidy up and burrs that may remain when you've cut the run to size. Also, since it's not uncommon for people to use pens to mark a saw line, you should aim to remove any ink or dirt with a specialist cleaner - as it can contaminate the join and reduce its strength.

Black Swan Cleaning Fluid 118/236ml

You'll also need to make sure the pipes been cut to form a straight end - you want as much contact as possible to make sure your bond is strong.

Step 2

Although it's often overlooked, it's a good idea to 'key' or prepare the surface for the bonding agent. As well as removing any unseen foreign substances, it creates a slightly rough surface which reacts slightly more effectively to the solvent weld. A fine grit glass paper will do the job perfectly.

Step 3

Next, you should carefully remove the top from your cement and, using the brush on the lid, apply fairly liberally to the section that will be inserted into the connection/joint.

black swan pvc solvent cement for waste or soil pipe

The cement begins to chemically alter the pipe's material immediately - breaking down the bonds between the ABS or PVC molecules that it's made of. As such, it's a good idea to also apply cement to the inside of the female connection you're creating. While applying the cement to one surface is likely to be adequate, it's good to know both full surfaces are undergoing the same reaction - so you can be certain the bond is as large and strong as possible.

Step 4

Quickly after applying your cement, you should make the connections between the two sections. Again, it's a good idea to twist the joint back and forth in the first couple of seconds after making the join - as this will make sure the cement is spread evenly around the connection. However - beyond the first couple of seconds, the bond will start to take hold, so you should quickly get the connection into the shape you need.

When you make the join, there will inevitably be some cement pushed out - but don't worry, it's safe to wipe this off with a dry cloth.

The chemical process

Although solvent weld is sometimes referred to as a glue, it doesn't 'glue' - it actually 'melds' two suitable surfaces together. The cement contains Butanone - also known as Methyl Ethyl Ketone - a catalyst which breaks down and rearranges the bonds between certain polymers.

In simple terms, the cement begins to quickly (but fairly gently) melt the material used to make fittings. When another suitable surface is pressed against this melting surface, the polymer bonds rearrange and join together with the polymer molecules from the other component.

Chemically, the components are no longer separate components - as their polymer molecules become interwoven. The solution then disperses - leaving one single plastic component where there were once two! As a result - it is impossible to separate the two parts - unless you have a saw!

Individual parts at discounted prices

Whether you're looking for a one-off part for your home stack - or you need the materials to add stacks to numerous properties, we can help. The best part is, we buy our products in enormous quantities and we always pass our bulk-buy discounts on to our customers. As a result, you can be confident you're getting high-quality materials at unbeatable prices.