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Order 110mm Solvent Weld Soil Pipe & Fittings Online at EasyMerchant

110mm Solvent Soil Pipe and Fittings available in Black & Grey, the whole system is British Standards approved for your peace of mind. Please note this product range is not kept in stock at EasyMerchant. All orders will be sent out via a partner company. Although there should not be any delays, please bear this in mind when ordering.

More Information on Solvent Soil:

110mm Solvent Soil Vent Pipe, available from EasyMerchant in Black and Olive Grey. Full range available at low prices with next day delivery available!

The solvent soil system is an extremely durable system, designed to provide secure solvent weld joints. All products are manufactured to BS4514/BS EN1329. The system is available in most colours and fully compatible with EasyMerchant's solvent weld waste system. Plus there's absolutely no need for protection from ultra violet light when used externally due to the system being manufactured to include a UV stabiliser to enable to system to keep is colours when exposed to direct sun light.

Solvent soil systems may carry liquids in a constant flow with temperatures of up to 76°C. For intervals of as many as 2 minutes both systems may carry liquids with temperatures of around 100°C (the temperature of boiling water). The Solvent Weld system is specially formulated to be resistant to boiling water.

Solvent soil systems are resistant to most inorganic acids and alkalies and are unaffected by UV light. The solvent soil system doesn't support combustion, although all PVC-U soil pipes must always be sealed with fire kayaks where they pass through cavity walls and flooring.

Joints from the Solvent Weld System are made by brushing EasyMerchant's solvent weld on the outside surface of the end of the pipe, and also onto the inside of the fitting. The pipe is then immediately inserted into the the fitting where it can be twisted to the correct position to ensure a great bond.

The solvent cement actually melts the two surfaces and bonds them together to make a permanent gas and watertight joint. Water can be run through the joint within 20 minutes, although we recommend that the system is left for 24 hours before full testing. Solvent Weld joints aren't demountable so care should be taken to make certain that all pipes and fittings are correctly aligned prior to assembling the joint.

As the solvent soil pipe and solvent soil fitting sizes are identical, solvent soil fittings can (and often are) used inside a ring seal installation if required. On a full solvent soil system push fit joints should be incorporated every 4m to allow for expansion. EasyMerchant advises that solvent soil pipes should be supported with pipe clips every 2m when fixed vertically and every 1m when pipes are run horizontally.

Manufactured to BS EN 1329:2000, the Solvent Soil system is completely compatible with other systems and integrates with EasyMerchant's Solvent Weld Waste and Underground drainage systems.