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Buy Sewer blockage detection and alarm systems

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More Information on Sewer Alarm Systems:

Designed to compliment our BDT Blocked Sewer and Sump Alarm Transmitters, the Sewer Sentinel Receiver is fixed at a wall mounting.

Easy to install, the sewer sentinel receiver is supplied pre-programmed to take messages from up to 4 of our BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm Transmitters, where every transmitter is assigned to a zone which simply displays green after the sewer level is high it turns red and when the sewer level has risen beyond the trigger point the alarm will sound. The installer can selects zones to track sewers, drains, gullies and sumps.

Practical, visually Attractive and tough industrial / commercial rated 4-zone wireless Blocked Sewer and High Level Sump Alarm with an Established History in the Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Healthcare (NHS) Sectors.


  • Blocked gully alarm reporting High sump alarm / blocked sump pump alarm reporting
  • 2 x Relay contacts to connect to optional external
  • Building Management system or external strobe/sounder Concealed test button to reset and test the whole system
  • Bi-Colour super-bright LEDs to indicate status.
  • Green = OK, Red = Alarm Mutable audible sounder
  • Flooded basement alarm reporting
  • Blocked drainage pipe alarm reporting
  • Communications / Fault LED Stainless steel wall box with integrated mains
  • Electricity supply offered in commercial/domestic and industrial versions with reception radius from 30m to 500m
  • Operates with up to four of the award winning BDT Sewer Alarm Transmitters**