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Water Butts

If you want to start collecting rainwater as a cheap and efficient way of cleaning and watering your garden, then look no further than our range of water butts. We keep a variety of products from the water butt kit and water butt tap to a water butt stand and water butt filler kit.

As an inexpensive one off investment, you’ll be saving literal bucketloads in the long run on the water bill, and helping the environment in the process. When you an order a new water butt from EasyMerchant, you can take advantage of our fast and free delivery within the UK too – if you have any more questions before or after you buy, get in touch via phone or email and we’ll help you out.

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More Information on Water Butts:

By collecting rainwater it will help keep your backyard - and the environment - clean and sustainable. Just one water butt holds rainwater equivalent to filling a watering can 25 times, and average rain fall in the South East can fill your water butt up to 450 times a year. Plants favour rainwater rather than tap water due to a more natural ph and no additional minerals or metals. Plus you're saving money as watering your plants with tap water obviously comes at a cost! Additionally, it means we can take less water from our surroundings and rivers to be able to provide drinking water supplies.

According to an article 'Understanding how rainwater can be harvested using maths' on the BBC, for each mm of rain which falls on a square meter or roof we get a litre of water. Use this calculation for the house roof each year and you could collect around 24. This water can be put to good use in helping to keep a lush garden even. There are lots of different kinds and styles of water butts on the market from traditional barrels to ones that are cosmetic.

They're also available in different sizes to suit the space you have available. The size is capacity but you can go as small as as large as 700 litres or 100 litres. A rain butt is simple to fit. They include a down pipe connector when placing your order or it is an optional extra. A mesh shield will help to keep the water free and clean of debris. There's also the availability of water purification tablets to prevent algae's growth during periods when there isn't much movement of water into or out of the butt.

Rainwater butts offer far more benefits than considering just their potential savings on metered water bills. Rainwater for our houses offers advantages during periods of dry weather. Purchasing a water butt is mainly about reducing our water use thereby benefiting the environment. Predictions also suggest that periods of water shortage may be on the increase. The majority of daily water consumption is within the house but through dry periods in Summer and Spring that changes many begin watering their gardens with a hosepipe and washing automobiles, garden patios and furniture.

Benefits of collecting rainwater in a Water Butt:

  • Rainwater has no minerals or compounds added to it so It's much 'kinder' to plants than tap water
  • Lowers the requirements on mains water supplies
  • If you are on a water meter, collecting rainwater can reduce your monthly bills during the peak summer period when gardens need water most
  • Easy to install into any size backyard (where There's a down pipe, There's the opportunity of installing a water butt)
  • Availability of water during times of drought and a hose-pipe prohibit