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Purchase Circular Cold Water Storage Tanks

Kingspan circular cold water storage tanks in stock, with all the accessories such as jackets and byelaw kits available.

More Information on Circular Cold Water Tanks:

25 to 100 Gallons / 114 to 455 Litres – Circular header tanks can often provide a solution when you can’t compromise on volume and the foot print of the tank is restricted preventing the use of a rectangular tank. Manufactured using highly durable moulded plastic in accordance with BS4213:2004 and are fully WRAS approved. Ribbed design eliminates need for metal reinforcing bars preventing corrosion.

A float valve controls he water, the valve works using a plastic (sometimes metal) ball that floats on the surface of the water, that is attached to an arm that is subsequently connected to the valve mechanism. It lifts the arm which closes the valve also prevents water once the float rises entering. If anything should go wrong overflow pipes are fitted to permit water to flow out prior to reaching a level where they could overflow the tank. These overflow pipes can be called warning pipes and the end must be placed where any discharge could be seen clearly.

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