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Twinwall Ducting Accessories: Drawcords and Marker Tapes

Plastic underground warning tape is usually installed at a specified distance directly above the service line. This makes it easier for utilities to be located and identified


  • underground electric cable warning
  • fibre optic cables & telecommunications cables
  • gas pipelines
  • water pipelines
  • available in a range of colours with custom warning message

  • 150mm width
  • 365m length rolls
  • 100 micron tape conforms to ENA TS 12-23
  • BS EN 12613:2009 grades available

Tape Colour Text Roll Size /WidthTape Thickness
YellowCaution – Electric Cable Below365m x 150mm 100µm + 50µm
YellowCaution – Electric Cable Below (+ Arabic Text)365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
YellowCaution – Gas Main Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
YellowCaution – Street Lighting Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
 PurpleCaution – Street Lighting Cable Below365m x 150mm50µm
BlueCaution – Water Pipe Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
GreenCaution – Telephone Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
GreenCaution Fibre Optic Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
RedCaution Foul Sewer below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm

CCTV / Fibre Optic Twinwall Ducting

Telephone Cable Caution Marker Tape 150mm x 365m


Ducting Accessories

6mm Blue Drawcord x 500m


Ducting Accessories

6mm Blue Drawcord x 220m


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After being let down by another online supplier I decided to give Easymerchant a try based on a recommendation from a friend. I've placed several orders for twinwall drainage over the past few weeks and they have not let me down once. They always answer the phone and happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend!
Pete Hogg
Pete Hogg
22:09 01 Aug 18
I have placed several orders with this company now, for twinwall ducting and drainage and they have been very reliable. Deliveries done on a professional vehicle and on time and as ordered. Will continue to re-order
darryl page
darryl page
21:24 04 May 18
Quite impressed. First time ordering and will definitely use again.
Neera Chouhan
Neera Chouhan
16:59 02 May 18
Fantastic and delivered on time. I think I've found my new go-to for my piping and bits.
Saj D.
Saj D.
17:01 02 May 18
Great customer service and value for money. Will definitely use again.
Dominic Marston
Dominic Marston
14:54 04 May 18