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Non Return Valves

Non return valves stop water from flowing backwards through the system during times of floor or high water. We also stock rodent barriers to stop rats or other rodents from entering the system.

More Information on Non-Return Valves we provide at EasyMerchant:

EasyMerchant’s Anti-Flood Non-Return Valves prevent the possibility of the water backing up into a house. The flaps in the valve open to allow the waste water to exit. While stopping water from getting in the other way. EasyMerchant keep both 110mm and 160mm versions in stock, however if you’re after a specialist valve then please contact us and we can source it for you.Available to match 110mm and 160mm PVC underground drain pipe, this compact unit is designed to prevent backflow of water which helps to prevent flood damage as well as rodent ingress with a minimal influence on the drainage system. At 300mm long there's a dual facility to enable the unit to be open or locked.A non-return valve is designed to prevent foul water flowing back in the blocked sewerage system to flood the property from the interior via bathrooms, plug holes and waste pipes. These patented and unique Retrofit Non-Return Valves can be simply pushed into the present pipework, whether plastic or clay, in the home's inspection chamber. The valves can be fitted in minutes and don't need any specialist expertise or equipment.Backwater harm can be extremely costly - and therefore avoidance is quite affordable. For this reason make sure all areas beneath the backwater level with open drainage fittings are constantly protected by a backwater or non-return valve. The backwater valve also referred to as a non-return valve comes with free hanging vertical backwater flaps. These flaps make sure that a building's wastewater flows freely through the valve while simultaneously preventing any backwater from backing up into the building.

What is the Difference Between Check Valves and a Non-Return Valve?

A check valve is a certain type of valve which could prevent back flow from occurring. The check valve needs to be tested and meet very strict standards, which ensures fluids aren't able to be siphoned back into drinking water systems. A Non-return valve is similar in design to a check valve but will not be able to meet the strict criteria of a single check valve.Non-return valves work with a 'swing' - a weighted flap that's held open as long as water is flowing through it. If the water stops, the weight of the flap closes the valve. On the other hand, check valves have an internal obturator - an internal moving element that is held open by the flow of water. If this flow stops, this internal spring mechanism inside the check valve sits back against the valve seat - completely sealing off any back flow.It's worth noting that some companies and suppliers use the term check valve and non-return value interchangeably - so be careful to make sure you're ordering the correct component.

UK-made and kitemarked - for your peace of mind

As trade professionals, we understand exactly how important it is for you to be able to fit components that you know will stand up to the job. As such, when you shop with EasyMerchant, you'll find UK-made products that exceed British Standards - and you can be assured that everything we provide will carry the appropriate kite mark.This means peace of mind for you - so you can walk away from a job safe in the knowledge that your valves and other underground drainage products will stand up to everything that comes their way.

Bulk prices direct to you - even if you're only ordering a one-off product

Ever seen an attractive price for materials - only to find out you've got to buy enough to equip a full housing estate to get that price? At EasyMerchant we work a little differently. We negotiate outstanding prices with the UK's best manufacturers and suppliers - then we pass those discounts on with every product; whether you're buying one - or one hundred.By combining our excellent, dependable service with rock-bottom prices, you can be sure you'll get the materials you need, when you need them, delivered to your door or site as quickly as possible. In fact - we aim to dispatch all orders the very next day.