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112mm Half Round Guttering

Browse our stocks of plastic half round guttering and downpipes in black, white and grey. Next day delivery available with free shipping for orders above £120/ex VAT.

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What is Half-Round Guttering? Further Information

Just like the name suggests, our wide range of half round guttering products resemble fully enclosed pipes cut in half lengthwise - used to channel water that comes from your properties various roof areas.

“True” half-round gutter sections have curled-top outer edges on both sides; however you can still get this type of guttering where the outer edges have curled tops on only one side.

Like conventional K-style gutter products, half-round guttering and the required fixings/accessories are obtainable in different colours and widths and can be fitted as seamless runs or bought in bits.

Half-round gutter product were historically the preferred option on homes since they could be easily made using basic tools. Guttering manufacturers just bent steel plates around cylinders.

Nowadays, half-round guttering is known for their accessibility in a wide range of materials—from zinc-coated and galvanised metal to copper and aluminium.

Due to the predominance of older properties in Europe, half-round gutter designs are still in style as they compliment the style of the period in which those buildings were constructed.

They're available in a wide range of colours - including black, white and grey - however black & white guttering are by far the most popular choices.

Why choose a Half-Round gutter?

Whether you're looking at the guttering lengths themselves, or the fixings/accessories for the guttering system - half-rounds look amazing, and they work as well as any other gutter types. Although they’re a bit costly than typical, K-style gutters, they add to the appeal of your property, and they help increase your property’s value.

Half-rounds are especially well-liked alongside wood shake roofing, tile roofs, and slate roofs.

Besides their aesthetic appeal, half-round guttering designs have a wide range of benefits - not least being corrosion resistant. Additionally, their smoother design allows them to remain debris free, as much of the debris that falls into the gutter system is flushed out through the downspout.

Half round gutter advantages:

Not yet convinced about half-round gutter products? Well, here is a wide range of benefits homeowners can enjoy by installing this type of gutters:

  1. Maximum gutter customisation

If your home has stylish curb appeal and you want to install a drainage system, half-round guttering is your best bet. They add a classic and modish look to your house.

Half-round products can fit every budget as their prices vary depending on their material, from copper to vinyl, aluminium, and galvanised steel.

Similarly, the range of gutter sizes, gutter colours, fixings/accessories, and materials obtainable; allow you to customise them without impacting their functionality.

  1. Gutter Durability

Half-rounds are without a doubt among the most long-lasting and efficient gutter types in the marketplace.

Their round shape with no beards allows debris and rainwater to flow freely and lets them fill with more water than the K-style.

When made of steel, aluminium or copper, half-rounds have a lifespan of more than a decade, with consistent maintenance. They're robust and rust resistant thanks to their unique, smooth design.

  1. Seamless Gutter Option

The seamless design provides the protection of a single piece of material skilfully cut according to the exact measurements that your home needs, without fasteners or joints that eventually sag after a while. Consequently, they produce no leaks to your gutter system.

This also cutbacks on the buildup of debris that will, in the end, clog your runs causing an overflow. When it boils down to the aesthetics, seamless lengths provide an excellent finish to your home's curb appeal.

Most importantly, half round products have high-quality protection, which makes them the perfect choice for both commercial and residential buildings.

  1. a low maintenance gutter

After installing your rainwater channelling, the most important thing to keep them in good shape is the maintenance.

Half-round products are very easy to keep clean and free of debris, there will be less clogging, and they’re also corrosion resistant.

Finally yet importantly, try not to overlook them when they need to be upgraded, this way you won’t have to deal with future expensive repairs.


What tools and fixings/accessories do I need to install guttering products on my home?

If you’re interested in making the installation a DIY job and feel confident in your abilities, it’s important to have a checklist of everything you need to get the job done right. Here is a complete list of the tools you’ll need:

  • Power Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Tin/Aluminium Snips
  • Other fasteners
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Ladder
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Screws
  • Chalk Line

Additional Tools

Some additional hand tools that you’ll need during the installation process are a little less common but obtainable from most home improvement or hardware stores:

  • Hole Saw
  • Pop Rivets
  • 1/10 Gallon Caulking Gun

Products and Fittings

After you’ve gathered your tools, make sure you have the products and all the fittings you need to complete the job.

Oftentimes, most folks don’t realise the number of accessories they need until they’re already well into the project, and this can cost money and time.

Before you start installing your half round gutter, ensure you’ve the following:

  • Channelling runs – Make sure you’ve enough square footage to finish the project.
  • Downspouts – Find out the width and number of downspouts you need and have them handy.
  • Brackets – Fascia brackets and union brackets will give added support to guttering attached to your home.
  • End Caps – These close off the ends of half round pipes at the different corners of your abode.
  • Elbows – Half round elbows will help maneuver your half-rounds around your home’s architecture.
  • Mitres – Also known as corner pieces, connect two lengths at a corner. They are obtainable in outside and inside varieties.
  • Outlets – These tubes attach the gutter to the downspout.
  • A wide range of fasteners – Available in mortar plugs, rivet, nails, and screws. Used to secure different pieces of the gutter system together.
  • Hangers – These are obtainable in different styles and sizes and are what is used to attach the gutter to your home.

Gutter installation ranges from quite complex to relatively simple. If you want to make installing half-round gutters a DIY job, make sure you’ve all the tools on hand, and you’re familiar with the processes.

Conversely, if you don’t feel comfortable installing guttering yourself, contact your local contractor for a quote or advice.

Are they for me?

If you're considering installing half-round guttering to connect to your drainage products, hire an experienced contractor and avoid settling for one who only installs K-style gutter systems.

What's more, be aware that you might have to shop around for the exact guttering colour, material, and style you want. Be ready to pay a bit more for gutter installation than you would if you were settling for conventional gutters.

How do they compare to Ogee cast iron effect: which is best for my home?

Though there's a wide range of other gutter styles homeowners can choose from; these two options are the most common in residential gutter installation. This is because both guttering designs have many advantages.

Consider the following advantages of both gutter systems to determine the ideal type for your abode:

  1. Cast iron effect Ogee guttering products

Victorian Ogee guttering designs are renowned for their eye-catching cast iron style aesthetic and high-quality performance.

For those who really want a touch of character to their gutter systems, cast iron style Ogee guttering products can resemble crown moulding.

Additionally, cast iron Ogee guttering designs are flat along the side, which makes them easier to fasten to the fascia boards.

Ogee guttering ranges are excellent for snow and heavy rain as they’ve twice the capacity of half-rounds of a similar size.

  1. Half-Round guttering systems

Half-round guttering has their own sense of aesthetic appeal and are advantageous enough for many homeowners to choose them over Ogee designs.

For example, they're are obtainable in galvanised steel and copper, which makes them hard wearing guttering for harsh weather. It's even possible to find half round aluminium guttering.

Both types of guttering have their own distinctive aesthetic appeal. So, whichever profile you chose for your home is entirely up to opinion. Black plastic guttering is by far the most common gutter choice in the UK.

Order guttering and drainage products from Easymerchant

Browse EasyMerchant’s wide range of half round guttering in a range of colours including white, grey, black, oak and more. As with all our building materials brands, next day delivery available on guttering with free shipping for orders above £120/ex VAT.

If you have any questions about our wide range of half round guttering - or any other guttering or drainage products for your property - you're welcome to get in touch with our expert customer services agents who can answer all your queries.