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Industrial Guttering & Commercial Guttering

We stock all sizes of industrial guttering, that’s 160mm (6 inch), 170mm (7 inch), and 200mm (8″ inch) in black and grey. Mainly used on farm buildings and warehouses these products are capable of carrying large volumes of water off of the roof.

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More Information on Industrial Guttering:

installing 200mm commercial rainwater onto a commercial farm building

Industrial Gutter - The Options

The term "Industrial" generally refers to size when it comes to gutter classifications. Most manufacturers include large profile gutters that have a higher capacity for application on larger or steeper pitched roofs. Often used on farm and industrial buildings, they are a larger size than what you'd find on the average house. Although cast iron and steel gutters are common, plastic is the most common material used.

Plastic Commercial Rainwater Products; why use plastic over metal?

Plastic industrial gutters are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, and their unique formulation guarantees an ultra high level of protection against the harmful UV. These gutters have a high flow rate – up to 11.8 litres per second. They're also cheaper, easier to install and require no maintenance.

Why Choose Plastic Commercial Gutter Systems?

grey 200mm industrial rainwater installed to a barn

Plastic industrial gutter products are perfect for buildings with large roof areas. These products have a high flow capacity, so they can easily manage the increased volume of rainwater that collects on a larger surface.

Plastic commercial gutter is also lightweight, and longer lengths are obtainable, which means less support and fewer joints, so the product is easy to install, saving precious time and money on site.

Features and Benefits of Plastic Commercial Rainwater Products

Made in the UK to European (CE) and British (BBA) Standards, plastic commercial gutter is the first choice product for professionals.

  • Easy to install
  • Resiliant
  • Certfied
  • High Flow Capacity
  • UV Stable
  • Impact and Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight

Contractors enjoy the ease with which installations might be undertaken and the increased productivity this offers. Minimal tools, fixings accessories required.

Plastic Commercial Gutter Sizes and Profiles

  1. 160mm 

The 160mm gutter profile, made from plastic, is suitable for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. This High Capacity system uses 110mm round down pipe and accessories. 

  1. 170mm 

This is a high-performance commercial rainwater gutter providing increased drainage capacity for apartments, farm buildings, warehouses, factories, and big commercial building projects. The 170mm rage also requires 110mm downpipe.

The system's strength has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 Load Class H, and is made from UV resistant plastic.

  1. 200mm 

For large commercial uses, 200mm plastic gutter offers one of the largest capacity industrial gutter rainwater systems obtainable in the UK.

Additional fixing points are provided to hold out heavy wind up drafts and heavy snow loading on remote or exposed buildings. 200mm required 160mm downpipe.


picture of commercial rainwater installed to metal barn

How long does it last?

Commercial plastic industrial gutter lasts for at least 20 years regardless of climate, making them a more cost-effective and stronger choice in terms of long-term performance.

What colours and sizes are available?

EasyMerchant stocks all sizes of commercial guttering: 160mm (6 inch), 170mm (7 inch), and 200mm (8″ inch) in grey and black. This half round profile is not often used with flat roofing. Often square box gutters are installed instead.

Buy Commercial Rainwater at EasyMerchant

At EasyMerchant, we supply commercial plastic gutters for public, commercial, education, and healthcare sector projects.

Our plastic commercial gutter ranges are quality products and much easier to handle and install, especially for high capacity products, than fibre cement or conventional cast iron gutter ranges. They're made by top brands such as Brett Martin and Hunter Plastics.

Even better, our high quality products are on a 24-hour delivery time schedule, and our knowledgeable, friendly UK based customer support staff are always on hand to help.