Order Primed Apex Heritage Cast Iron Guttering & Downpipes Online

We keep a huge amount of Cast Iron Guttering in stock. We keep everything primed and ready to be painted in your desired colour. Browse our stocks of half round and Victorian ogee styles.

Please note that the manufacturers only supply the pictures with the finished products painted black. However the items we dispatch are primed ready to be painted in your desired colour.

More Information on Cast Iron Guttering:

Ideally suited to traditional craft based contracts, where required, providing close replication of historic styles. Apex Heritage cast iron downpipes are available from stock and are complemented by a wide range of decorative hopper heads, fittings and accessories.

Cast iron, as a construction material, has been in existence for a very long time, and improvements in technology have ensured that today's products are fully attuned to contemporary construction needs.

All of EasyMerchant's guttering supplies are chosen for the quality and affordability. There's no second rate products on offer here and our cast iron range is no different.

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting:

Cast iron is non-combustible and in the event of a fire won't contribute melt and trickle or burn to permit the transfer of fires, emit toxic fumes or spread. Building regulations do not require fire collars to be fitted to cast iron systems. Known as a material that you can fit and not worry about, cast iron requires no maintenance which is especially important when pipework is hidden, inaccessible and when upkeep would be redirected into the inhabitants of the building. Inspections are recommended but if the systems are installed properly, only periodic painting should be required.

Cast iron features longevity for rainwater, soil or drainage solutions; installations are demonstrated to last well in excess of 100 years. The physical properties are kept through the product's life and standards remain constant which means adjusting or extending systems is straightforward.

Strong & Durable:

Cast iron will not deflect under loads, this makes it the perfect choice for above ground drainage installations. This strength additionally benefits guttering systems securing against high winds, snow falls and the weight of ladders. Cast iron is hardy and ready to withstand the rigours of on site managing; pre-finished products are supplied wrapped to protect them during transport. Its low coefficient of contraction and expansion also negates the requirement for expansion joints.

High resistance to impact is particularly beneficial in areas like schools and vehicle parks, where vulnerable pipework might be exposed to accidental damage or vandalism. Cast iron pipe systems may be among the most durable components of a building to withstand mechanical unblocking and maintenance additional to its normal daily use.

Resistant to harm from hot liquids and cast iron does not warp or fade from the sun; when subjected to substances that are aggressive, specification paint coatings and protective primer also provide improved performance.

Recyclable & Sustainable:

Cast iron has a lesser effect in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to aluminium and PVC taking into account, setup, life cycle, embodied energy, embodied CO2, repair and maintenance cost and whole life cost.

Cast iron utilises recycled metal from the manufacturing process and almost 100% scrap and is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life. Wrought iron is a Greenpeace recommended drainage material and is the best choice for reducing the environmental impact of a job.

The unrivalled life period together with low maintenance demands makes a cast iron system cost effective compared to other materials. It can also offer cost savings when fire proofing, sound insulating material, expansion joints support brackets or special bedding requirements are necessary for alternative products to meet building regulations.

Features & Benefits:

High Strength

  • The crystalline structure of cast iron gives the material high strength and robustness. Once installed, cast iron components resist impact damage even in exposed areas, such as shopping centres, carparks and schools.


  • Inherent corrosion resistance coupled with a primed along with a painted finish ensures cast iron parts will require minimal maintenance during the duration of the rainwater setup.


  • Complies with BS 460:1964 Cast Iron Rainwater Goods
  • Selection of round, square and rectangular pipes
  • Pre-finished cast iron May cut costs by 30 Percent and Setup time by 60 Percent
  • Extremely strong, durable and vandal resistant
  • Dimensionally accurate and Steady
  • Life expectancy in excess of 40 years
  • Cast iron is 100% recyclable

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Corrosion resistant when a protective coat is applied
  • Durable and strong
  • Impact resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-toxic
  • Fully recyclable


  • A factory finished range, replicating traditional designs
  • Installation & Fixing
  • Minimal maintenance requirements