Plastic and Cast Iron Guttering

Please browse EasyMerchant’s huge stocks of plastic and cast iron guttering. In half round, square, and ogee profiles we keep the full range of gutters, downpipes and fittings of each. We also stock Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Effect guttering.

More Information On Guttering

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We supply high-quality guttering from only well-known industry-leading manufacturers. Full ranges of Plastic Guttering and Cast Iron Guttering and Down Pipes. Half Round, Square and Deep Flow profiles in White and Black. Primed Cast Iron Guttering in Half Round and Victorian Ogee and Brett Martin's Cascade Cast Iron Effect Guttering obtainable at unbelievably low prices!

What Exactly is Guttering, Anyway?

The term 'gutter' comes from the Latin word 'gutta' meaning 'a fall' which afterward developed to mean a groove carved into something, or a furrow made by water. In the past, rainwater downpipes were created using cast iron. Nowadays, however, uPVC systems are the most common because of their simplicity of installation, long life, and no need to be touched up with new paint.

Different Gutters Types and Materials

Guttering may also be produced from aluminium-alloy, galvanised steel, stainless steel, concrete and more. They come in many profiles, although rainwater downpipes are usually round and come in 4m lengths. They have a diameter of 68 - 160 mm. The guttering system may consist of lengths, bends, branch connectors, brackets, unions, hoppers and leaf guards on top, diverters and rainwater harvesting methods, angled shoes in the bottom, etc.

Gutter Maintenance and Installation

Downpipes have a propensity to become obstructed when debris such as leaves and twigs accumulate. To prevent this, they will need to be well maintained and attached using brackets which can be easily removed for cleaning if cleaning is needed.

UPVC guttering is very easy to install with only standard hand tools necessary. It is fixed to the fascia board using the fascia board brackets and sits just above the soffit board and collects runoff diverting it to the underground system. Only basic screws or nails, sealants or adhesives, and fixings will be necessary to complete the job.

Gutter Size and Downspouts

A rainwater gutter system, also called a gutter or guttering, is a part of a building's water discharge method. This protects the outside surfaces of the building and its bases from damp and potentially suffering damage. The size and quantity of rainwater down pipes needed is be based on the intensity of rain that is likely and also the region of the surface to be emptied.

EasyMerchant can also supply a full range of fascia boards, ogee fascia boards, soffit boards, dry verge, window boards, and trims. And pretty much any colour guttering you may need including the popular anthracite grey guttering.

Approved Document H - Drainage and Waste Disposal

The Building Regulation's Component H, Drainage and water disposal, demands that sufficient provision is made for rainwater to be hauled from the roofing of buildings. Approved document H suggests that to achieve this, roofs need to be outfitted with a suitable fall towards either a surface water set station or gutter.

Surface water then collects into vertical rain downpipes, which then connect the discharge to the drainage system. The dimensions of guttering can be decided in the area of the roof (metres) and the anticipated rain intensity (litres/sec/sq. M - the quantity of water likely at a 2-minute rainstorm). There are a number of calculators that could be used to size gutters and rainwater downpipes based on this information.

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