Guttering & Drainage: Plastic and Cast Iron Gutters

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There's often much more to a gutter than meets the eye! Here, we've explored a few of the common questions we're asked about guttering products and gutter installations - including product info, material options, repairs (and the tools and equipment needed for repairs), and some pricing questions too!

Naturally, if there's anything we haven't covered, you're always welcome to contact us. You've got a choice of email, telephone, or instant messenger - and you'll get through to a UK based trade expert - with all the gutter experience needed to help!

How Much Does Guttering Drainage Cost?

picture of guttering installed into fascia and soffit

Determining how much a gutter installation will costs is difficult as it is dependent on a wide range of factors - such as the quality of the materials used, the choice of gutter type and whether it is uPVC or cast iron metal, and the style and sizes you wish to buy - as some drains components are more premium brands and there is a wide selection with different prices to choose from. The quantity you will use is another a factor as some properties require significantly more or less - such as a terraced property while others such as detached properties require much more. Therefore building or home type is also a factor to consider.

Plastic on average is the cheapest form and will require fewer repairs due to its durability. Downpipe sizes normally comes in 4m lengths with a diameter of 68-160mm. The different colours do not usually affect prices.

A whole new home install will also require other building materials, accessories and fixings such as fascias, soffits and a bargeboard too which need to be factored into the costing and this without factoring in courier costs.

Based on this information and assuming you are buying only the materials, you will look to spend approximately £500 before any labour charges - and this usually includes getting the products to you.

How Much is it to Replace a Guttering Drainage System?

How much it costs to replace your drains system is also dependent on a number of things; such as whether small repairs are required or you are replacing the whole thing on your property.

On average the sort of money you will look to spend is approximately between £400 to £800 to replace your existing system and fixings. The material your gutter system is made from will also influence this price.

How Do You Install Guttering Systems?

Any UPVC gutter and downpipe is very easy to install with only standard hand tools and no specialist equipment necessary. It is fixed to the fascia board using the fascia board brackets and sits close just above the soffit board and collects runoff diverting it to the underground system. Only a basic sort of screws or nails, sealants or adhesives, and fixings will be the only parts necessary to complete the job in good time and results.

For a more detailed explanation of how to install a guttering drainage system - you can check our full guide here. However, if you'd like a quick overview - the process is broken down like this:

Which tools will you need?

Don't worry about needing to buy specialist tools - installing a guttering drainage system will usually just require:

  • A cordless screwdriver / drill (power tools are optional - but they will speed your job up a little)
  • A spirit level
  • A hacksaw
  • A pencil
  • A good quality silicone lubricant
  • Sturdy ladders
  • String

It's also essential that you have someone with you to help. Although the actual gutting work can usually be done by one person - you should always have someone with you when you're working at height.

How Do You Clean Guttering Drainage? DIY vs Professional Services

One way to clean your guttering products is to do it yourself - or you can hire professional cleaning services who use specialist technology designed to suck the debris out quickly - right down to the channel drainage at floor level.

If you choose to do this yourself, you will most likely require a ladder, some clothing that you don't mind getting dirty, gloves and someone to help you hold the ladder at the base. If you're at all uncertain - cleaning services aren't overly costly though.

Climb the ladder with someone holding it firmly at the base and once at the top, start working along the system cleaning the debris content out the area inside. This will require you to frequently climb down to move the ladder along as you work your way along the gutter.

To prevent guttering blockages reoccurring in future, they will need to be well maintained and it may be a good idea to install leaf guards, or hedgehog brushes (pictured below) to reduce the maintenance need.

category page picture of hedgehog guttering brush

How Do You Unclip Plastic Guttering?

To unclip your plastic guttering drainage from your roof, simply pull the clip that is hooked into the gutter over and out.

As it is made from plastic, it will have some flexibility allowing you to do this and shouldn't break. Unhook all the clips and then roll the gutter piece away from you and it should begin to slide out. Repeat this for the remaining pieces.

If you happen to break any of the gutter clips, replacing them is simple too as you simply unscrew the broken clip piece and screw in a new one in its place.

Why EasyMerchant Is The Best Place To Buy Your Materials?

We supply a huge number of high-quality, low-cost guttering, PVC channel drainage and roofing components from only well-known industry-leading manufacturers available for speedy shipping at our website. Every item is easy to install and comes with a solid guarantee; including half round guttering, the square line guttering and deep flow profiles, primed iron guttering and Victorian ogee shapes as well as Brett Martin's Cascade cast iron look guttering parts. It really depends on what sort you are looking to install!

What Exactly Is Gutter Drainage and How Does it Work?

PVC guttering drainage diverts water away from a roof and into the underground drain services via channel drainage. In the past, these rainwater gutters were created using cast iron. Nowadays, however, uPVC rainwater guttering systems are the most common type found on your roof because of their simplicity of installation, long life, low maintenance, and low cost. There are a wide number of systems now available to choose from.

Different Types and Materials Explained

product picture of kalsi plastics rainwater flyer

Guttering systems are often produced from aluminium-alloy, galvanised steel, stainless steel, concrete and more. Plastic is the most popular type due to its ease to install - whereas stainless steel is very costly and often difficult to work with.

Guttering comes in a selection of profiles, colours and consist of gutter lengths, bends, gutter branch connectors, guttering support brackets, gutter unions, filters, gutter hopper, diverters, downpipes, rainwater harvesting methods and angled shoes in the bottom, etc. Each guttering drainage style range will have these common components and fittings.

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