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Blue Plastic Water Pipe (MDPE)

Blue plastic water pipe is made from MDPE and is used to carry mains drinking water. We keep it stocked in sizes 20-90mm and all sizes are WRAS approved for use in the UK.

More Information on Blue MDPE Water Pipe:

We stock wras approved blue water MDPE plastic pipes in sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm up all the way to 90mm ensuring we have pipe to suit any requirement. In addition, we keep pipes in 6m lengths or 25m, 50m, and 100m coils. If you are also searching for barrier pipes to be used in brown-field websites then please visit the barrier pipes section. As we supply a choice of PE80 SDR11 and PE100 SDR17 classification pipes at an affordable price. Our selection of blue water pipes for use with potable water uses.

All of EasyMerchant's standard products are produced using high grade virgin PE100 plastic, a high-density polyethylene with exceptional stress ratings and durability, this ensures that the most quality and integrity in accord with EN12201 and wras approved.

Blue mains pipe is used for water service connections between the distribution mains to individual properties and for over ground services if the pipes are installed inside protective twin wall duct pipes. It should not be used for the movement of gases, gas oil, gas or air. The system is fine for use with cold water (maximum temperature 20C) with a maximum pressure of up to 12.5 bar. Our blue MDPE pipe is generated from medium density polyethylene. MDPE blue has crack resistance and a long term stress resistant life span compared to HDPE PE80.

We also keep all of the appropriate fittings, including couplers, bends, junctions, valves and everything you'll need to complete a full system.

How to Install Blue MDPE for Drinking Water:

Polyethylene pipes BS 6572 polyethylene pipes up to size 63mm for below ground use for potable drinking water. It is much easier to install than copper, steel, lead or PVC. This range is developed for services laid in the ground. It is blue in colour and there is 1 class designed for a pressure of 12 bar at 20ºC in dimensions up to size 63mm. The most commonly sold sizes at EasyMerchant are 25mm and 32mm.

How to Select MDPE Pipe Size:

The below shows the recommended sizes to pick dependant on the length of the supply pipe run. Presuming a typical single house requirement of 24 litre per minute(0.4l/s) with a head loss reduction of no more than 3mh/100 (0.3 bar) through MDPE blue pipe.

Supply pipe length in metres:

Up to 40m = 20mm
40m to 100m = 32mm
100m to 800m = 50mm
800m to 2000m = 63mm

How to Position the MDPE Pipe:

All underground MDPE blue pipe systems apart from pipe laid under a building should be laid at a depth of no less than 750mm from the finished ground level and no more than 1,350mm. If this depth cannot be made, then your local water body needs to be be notified. The pipe must be covered in a sand bedding to stop it from being penetrated by sharp objects.

Some fluids, like natural gas, will likely permeate
plastic MDPE blue pipes, and care should be taken with which the circumstances they are used. MDPE water pipe must not be installed within a 350mm radius of telecoms, gas or electricity cables or pipes. Access to the supply also needs to be ensured for the future ease of repair and maintenance. Other utilities cables or pipes should not be laid directly over the MDPE water pipe.

Need a Shorter Length?

Most of our MDPE coils are available in 50m and 100m lengths, if you need a shorter length of pipe please phone us on 01371 850808, if we have some off cuts and can supply a shorter span, then we will happy to supply in custom lengths.

Straight Lengths:

Straight polyethylene sticks can be found in PE100 (HDPE) and PE80 (MDPE) and can be combined either by electrofusion, butt fusion, mechanical or push-fit fittings.

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Looking for Other Colour MDPE Pipe Systems?

We keep yellow gas pipe, and black non-pottable water pipe in stock also. Please use the navigation menu to the left to navigate to the appropriate sections.