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114mm Plastic Square Guttering

We keep in stock plastic square guttering and downpipes in black and white. With a quick delivery service available and free shipping for all orders above £120.

More Information on Square Gutter products

Your home's gutter system is often overlooked. You don't really think of it all too often, but without a well-functioning gutter system, you could have considerable damage done to fascias, soffit boards, and your overall infrastructure. Water cannot run off your roof, which causes problems with your foundation and roofing. Consequently, a good gutter system is such a worthy investment for your home. There're a wide range gutter types for you to choose from. One of the most sought-after options is square guttering.

Tell me more about the square gutter design

As their name suggests, square line products have a shape that offers a modern design suitable for all building types and architecture. These gutter units are obtainable in two different models: hi- and lo-square. Hi- line gutters are 130 mm in height, and lo- line products are 110 mm in height. Rather than dropping low beneath the soffit boards, Hi- types cover the edges of most roof tiles and sheets to improve their appearance. Unlike hi-square units, lo-square products are more economical and neater in appearance. This design of gutter can manage considerable volumes of water, so if you live in a rainy and wet area, the impressive flow capacity an excellent option for you. White plastic guttering is one of the most popular choice in the UK and is seemingly the most commonly installed profile on new build homes.

Why choose this design of guttering system?

The feature that sets apart this gutter type from others is its unique design, which ensures that the roofline is obscured and superior water carrying capability. This shape of gutter also has a large water catchment area, meaning that a reduced amount of water will overflow and escape during heavy rainfall runoff.

  • Suits Modern Homes

This design of gutter is very adaptable owing to its unique shape. It aggregates flawlessly with a wide range of homes - including modern and older properties. Square-line guttering combines chic, contemporary style with increased water carrying capacity and better durability, ideal for modern homes.

  • Perfect for Low-pitched Roofs

Most fitting for low-slung roof lines common among modern homes, square products are available in a wide selection of current tones. The high front of this design is perfect for concealing the edge of a metallic roof, giving homes a sleek, clean finish, and an aesthetically appealing functionality.

  • Durability

In the past, cast iron was the most durable gutter material - but these old half round gutter designs were unwieldy and needed a lot of maintenance - so now plastic products have stolen the durability crown. Made of UV resistance UPVC, plastic designs are a long-term investment for your home - requiring little maintenance over the decades they'll be up.


What tools and accessories do I need to install a square gutter in my home?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when installing square or half round rainwater channelling is to pay close attention to the measurements and make sure the slope gradient maintains the correct ratio. The tools you'll need are:
  • Wall plugs
  • Roll of string
  • Screws
  • Hacksaw/fine tooth saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Secure ladder
  • File
  • Spirit level

How frequently should this design be cleaned?

Aim to clear your gutters out twice during the year - and make sure once is when the leaves have stopped falling in late autumn. Channelling blocked with debris can cause water damage or a leaky roof to the exterior or interior of your property.

Can you give me any pointers on the installation process?

If you are installing them yourself, start by laying out your guttering products in front of the part of the house where you will be installing them.

Weld on any end caps and cut any holes for downspouts you might need. Then go up and fix your hangers. Fix your hangers on architectural supports, like rafters, and space them closely together. This prevents the lengths from sagging, which can result in stagnant water. Hang the gutters, so there is a small pitch towards the downspout, weld together any corners and attach the downspouts with zip screws or welding.

Advantages of this design

Our rainwater products are generally made from uPVC Plastix, Zincalume or galvanised steel, and they can be bought in different colours to complement the exterior décor of your home. White is the most popular colour, black second - then greys and more vibrant colours after that. This design of gutter is very tough and will last for many years with proper maintenance. There're a wide range of accessories that can be added to square gutters, including gutter guards, mitres, fixing brackets, and stop ends.

Disadvantages of this design

Unfortunately, like half round gutters, this type of gutter design can easily clog over time. So, installing gutter guards to break up the fine debris can mitigate these clogs.

Why choose EasyMerchant for your square line guttering?

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It's not just price that sets us apart either.

Got a question about square line guttering? Need more info on one item from our wide range of square gutter products? Got a technical query about how a product will fit around your soffit boards? No problem - we're got an expert customer service team who are here to help. You can drop us an email, send an instant message using our website - or even pick up the phone! We'll help - and if we don't know the answer - we'll go away and find it for you.

Order EasyMerchant's 114mm Guttering

These products combine exquisite appearance and long-lasting performance making this design a well-liked choice for both tradesmen and homeowners. EasyMerchant offers a wide range of channelling and matching downpipe systems in a wide variety of colours to suit your home. Next day delivery available with free shipping for orders above £120/ex VAT.