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Plastic Manhole Covers

Plastic Manhole Covers are the most commonly purchased manhole cover at EasyMerchant. This is because they’re the most cost effective and easy to install solution. They’re commonly used in residential or domestic situations, often for sewage manholes and waste water gullies.

product picture of quare to round manhole coversPlastic chamber lids are the most commonly sold and found cover throughout the UK. This is due to their cheap cost, long working life span and ease of installation. There are a wide range of different types and sizes available.They fit on the top of inspection chambers and typically they come in sizes from 320mm to 470mm, in round and square, and are usually secured to the top of the inspection chambers using screws and a rubber seal..Different manufacturers of different manholes create their products in slightly different sizes, so not all of them are compatible. This means that if you're buying a replacement cover to fix a damaged or broken one you must make sure to measure the riser to make sure it's the correct size for the lid you're buying.We stock two brands, Brett Martin and Kalsi Plastics. This is for the reasons mentioned above.Brett Martin manufactures their risers in 315 and 450mm and their plastic chamber lids are made to fit these.Whereas the Kalsi Plastics ones are manufactured to 320mm and 470mm, which is compatible with other brands such as Polypipe.Obviously there are a wide range of manufacturers and a wide range of different sizes available on the market, so make sure to double check before ordering.

How Strong Are They? Are they for domestic use only?

Polypropylene manhole lids have a load rating of 3.5kn. This is rated high enough for foot traffic, lawnmowers, slow-moving cars, bikes etc.However, they should be used domestically and not anywhere with large vehicles or heavy traffic.

What are they made from?

picture of manhole set up with lid on topPolypropylene, which is a lightweight, low-cost material perfect for plastic covers. It's also a relatively low-cost material, meaning these covers are usually the most economical due to the light weight making things like free delivery a possibility, but these features also make them the easiest to install.Polypropylene covers are made via injection moulding machines, these machines inject molten plastic into a mould which then cools to form the required shape and dimensions of the lid and frame.Cover and frames and made from a wide range of materials, however this material offers several advantages over alternatives such as cast iron or galvanised steel, for the reasons listed above, however cast iron is a stronger, heavier material and cast iron can usually withstand a larger load.

Are they sealed will any smells leak out, can I use it inside a building?

They are single sealed, which will help to reduce any smells from escaping from the manhole. However, a double-sealed cover will be required if used inside a building.

How do I fit it, any tips?

picture of manhole installed with plastic lid on topPresuming the correctly sized lid has been chosen for the riser. You'll simply need to lubricate the seal using pipe lubricant, then push the lid onto the top of the riser for a snug fit. Then using the screws provided you can fix the lid down to the frame. Now the inspection chamber should be properly sealed and the lid fully installed.

What tools will I need to fit them?

Only basic tools will be required. A Philips or flat-head screwdriver, and some pipe lubricant to apply onto the riser and the lid to ensure a tight fit. You'll also require a tape measure to measure the diameter of the riser so that the correct lid is purchased.

How are they supplied?

It depends on the quantity of product ordered. Single items will be shrink-wrapped and shipped via a national courier. Whereas large volumes will require a pallet delivery. For more delivery information please visit our delivery information page in the footer. Free delivery is available for orders above £120 ex vat.

Why should I buy these products from EasyMerchant Limited?

Because we have the best prices, a wide range of great products, and a long history of high customer services satisfaction! Just read our reviews, they speak for themselves! We include a speedy and accurate delivery service and we're here to aid with help and support when required! When it comes to supply of drain covers, EasyMerchant have a range of high quality items available to chose from.

Do your prices include VAT?

We list all of our products with the prices excluding VAT. This is because most of our sales are business to business, supplying either builder's merchants, or trades companies. The full total including VAT is shown on the checkout page and invoices.

 Where can I find returns information?

There is a link to the returns information page shown in the footer. Please visit this page for more info.