Plastic Guttering

Chose from Half Round, Square, Deepflow and Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Effect plastic guttering at EasyMerchant. With fantastic prices and next day delivery we’re sure to impress. Please note we can also supply 6 inch and 8 inch plastic guttering systems – please call us for a quotation!

More Information on PVC Plastic Guttering:

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Quality guttering supplies from well known industry leading manufacturers. Half round guttering, Deep flow guttering, square guttering, plastic cast iron effect guttering, and plastic industrial guttering all sizes and profiles from 4 inch to 8 inch in all common colours.

In earlier times rainwater downpipes and gutter were made using cast iron, although these days PVC plastic guttering systems are the most common due to their ease of installation, long life and the gutter does not need to be touched up with paint.

What's in the plastic guttering range, what fittings colours and sizes are available?

There are many fittings available within the range of products, these include everything you'd normally find in any other range of guttering, such as cast iron or copper guttering. uPVC gutter provides exactly the same functions and the ranges are very similar to others, however it is often chosen above other materials because it is cheaper and easier to install. Doesn't require painting and has a very long working life span. Common fittings would include running outlets, angles, unions and stop ends.

it is made from PVC or uPVC because it is relatively cheap to manufacture, but is very strong, has good heat resistance and expansion / contraction properties and a very long life span. It can also be recycled and used again to manufacture gutter products.

Is it recycled, if so how much?

Yes our gutter products are manufactured using the latest "co-extrusion" technology, which means that 82% of the guttering is made from recycled plastic, while having a super hard, extra glossy skin on the exterior for it's aesthetics. It's is also more dimensionally stable than traditionally made plastic gutters.

How is best to maintain and clean it? Does it require any upkeep?

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Downpipes have a propensity to become obstructed when debris such as leaves and twigs accumulate. To prevent this, they will need to be properly kept, and are attached to a structure using brackets that can be easily removed for cleanup if needed. A rainwater guttering system, also called a gutter or guttering, is a part of a building's water release approach. This shields the outside surfaces of the construction and its bases from possibly mould and damp causing damage.  The size and amount of rainwater downpipes needed will be calculated based on the size of the roof as well as the amount of rainwater in the area.

EasyMerchant company personnel are available to help determine the dimensions and quantity of rainwater gutter and downpipes if needed.

Where can I find more information on the correct way to fit uPVC guttering?

The Building Legislation's Document H, Drainage and water disposal, demands that sufficient provision is designed for rainwater to be hauled from the roof of buildings into a gutter. Approved document H indicates that to attain this, roofs will need to be outfitted with a suitable fall towards a gutter that surface water can flow into the downpipes, which then discharge into the drainage system.

How do I know what size I need?

The dimensions of guttering can be decided in the region of the roof (metres) as well as the anticipated rain intensity (litres/sec/sq. M - the amount of water likely at a 2-minute rainstorm).

There are a number of calculators that could be employed to size gutters and rainwater downpipes based on this info.

Why should I buy from EasyMerchant? What separates you from any other online company?

At EasyMerchant, we pride ourselves on offering the best range of high-quality products available for a low price without skipping on the customer support and service. We also offer free delivery on all orders above £120 +VAT. With a huge range of plastic and cast iron guttering available, backed by fantastic service from our staff, we believe this separates us from the other online merchants. if you're looking for cast iron please find it using the navigation menu. For any questions give us a call.