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Yellow MDPE Gas Pipe

We keep yellow MDPE gas service pipe in stock. It’s made from MDPE and donates it’s use for carrying gas. We keep sizes of 20-63mm x lengths of 25-150m in stock.

More Information on MDPE gas system pipe:

At EasyMerchant, we carry a wide range of MDPE gas system pipe - otherwise known as yellow gas pipe or yellow poly pipe. We also stock a range of fittings that will help make your installation quick, simple, and straightforward.

We keep 25mm, 32mm, and 63mm pipe in stock.

The PE80 gas pipe system can handle up to 4 bars of pressure (gas) and is tested for its safety and approved for use in the UK.

If there's gas pipe you need for your job and you can't see it here, just get in touch. Our experienced customer service team understand every product we provide - so they'll be able to source and supply exactly what you need.

All our MDPE products are produced to exceed the high-standards required gas and water authorities. Please make sure you follow the manufacturers installation guide.

What is MDPE gas system pipe? A quick overview

Medium density polyethylene (MDPE) pipes are some of the most commonly used for carrying water and gas to a property or appliance. Yellow MDPE is specifically for use with gas - and should not be used for water under any circumstances.

Why does the industry use MDPE for gas pipes?

MDPE is the ideal polymer for creating gas pipe, since it's not as brittle as higher density polymers.

This is important when you think about how MDPE is used. Generally speaking, MDPE gas piping will spend its considerable lifetime underground - and the tough nature of the material lends itself to this setting perfectly.

MDPE is extremely notch-resistant, which means slight imperfections in the trench in which the gas pipe is laid in will not compromise its strength or lifespan. As per IGN 4-32-18, that lifespan is typically 100 years - and MDPE requires minimum maintenance through that time.

Other beneficial properties of MDPE gas system pipe 

It's not just the robust and long-lasting nature of MDPE that makes it the go-to solution for gas pipe construction - it has a number of other properties that make it ideal for the job:

Homogenous welded system is available

It's absolutely key that a gas pipe is inert - and while some plastic welding methods will compromise the inert property of the MDPE pipe, it's possible to use a homogenous welding method that maintains the chemical composition of the pipe.

Lightweight gas pipe

MDPE is lighter and therefore easier to work with on your site or in your home. Of course, lighter products are also easier to move - and reduced logistical effort and cost means a cheaper product for you.

Excellent flexibility

Where higher-density pipe doesn't allow for any flexibility, MDPE does - which means it's perfectly possible to create large radius bends - as well as using the flex of the pipe to accommodate floor contours.

Smooth, non-porous bore

Maintaining a consistent gas-flow is often important - and MDPE helps with this. The smooth, non-porous bore allows for consistent flow, making it easier to maintain a specific circulation capacity.

Zero corrosion and exceptional chemical resistance

MDPE pipe is extremely resistant to any type of corrosion - and the inert nature of the polymer means that you don't have to worry about even slight reactions to the gas that's being carried - or to naturally occurring chemicals in the ground surrounding the gas pipe.

We supply MDPE gas pipe in 50m or 100m lengths

While some other types of MDPE are supplied in shorted lengths - yellow MDPE gas pipe comes in coils of either 50m or 100m. As well as being more economical to transport, this means handling fewer pipe fittings and fewer joins on site, which in turn makes your job smoother and faster.

Ideal for 'no dig' gas pipe installations

The tough yet flexible nature of the MDPE polymer makes yellow gas pipe ideal for no-dig, trenchless, or impact moling style installation jobs. As such, you can expect reduced installation time, fewer gear requirements, and drastically reduced reinstatement costs.

Effortless gas pipe butt-fusion

If you're hoping for fast and simple butt-fusion jobs, MDPE is ideal - especially as it only requires welding pits a little wider than the pipe itself - or, in open cut gas installations, joining can be carried out in a trench - making repairs and/or tie-ins a much quicker job.

Why choose EasyMerchant to provide yellow MDPE gas pipe and pipe fittings?

At EasyMerchant, we're certain we provide our customers with exceptional service - but we're not the only company to claim that - right?!

The difference is, we back our claims up with a solid way of working - and we can prove it with tens of thousands of low-price orders and happy customers.

How do we keep our prices so low?

Well, it's all down to how we buy our materials. We place orders and buy in huge bulk - which means we can negotiate large discounts from manufacturers and suppliers. For some companies, this means more profit - but for EasyMerchant, it means bigger discounts for our customers when you place orders with us.

Of course, quality is paramount too. When you buy cheap, you often buy twice - but with EasyMerchant, that's never the case. 

We make sure we provide outstanding quality products that meet or exceed British Standards. We buy British too - so virtually every product that lands at your home or on your site is made here in the UK by high-quality manufacturers using the best processes. This way, you can be absolutely confident that you're walking away from a job having used the best materials.

Outstanding customer support

We know you can buy your products online from hundreds of suppliers - but we're confident that none of them provide the same level of customer support we do.

When you get in touch, you'll be talking to someone who understands your trade - so whether you're doing a quick DIY job at home - or you're sourcing materials for your company, you won't have to go through that painful process of trying to explain what you need!

Whether you're browsing our site - or standing in a trench up to your knees in water, you're welcome to call, email, or use our instant messenger service to talk to us - and we'll do our very best to make sure you get quick and accurate advice.