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Yellow MDPE Gas Pipe

We keep yellow MDPE gas service pipe in stock. It’s made from MDPE and donates it’s use for carrying gas. We keep sizes of 20-63mm x lengths of 25-150m in stock.

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Our Gas Pipe Coils Provide all the major advantages of MDPE allowing whole life costs savings and more simple installation when compared to traditional pipeline materials:

• Homogeneous welded system is possible
• Lighter weight for more easy handling and reduced logistical costs
• Long system life (typically 100 years - as per IGN 4-32-18) with minimum maintenance
• Terrific flexibility
• Smooth, non-porous bore for circulation capacity
• No corrosion and excellent chemical resistance

Produced to exceed the exacting standards imposed by gas and water bodies. For installation instructions please consult the manufacturer's installation guide.

Supplied in 50 or 100m coils our gas pipes aren't only lighter and more economical to transport, they require fewer joints. Extremely flexible, they're ideally suited to "No Dig" techniques, reducing installation times, gear requirements and reinstatement costs. They are also perfect for insertion techniques, providing a hard replacement for iron and steel pipelines, and are able to flex to accommodate floor contours and large radius bends. Quick and easy to concerted, they also supply fast and effortless butt-fusion setup, requiring welding pits only a little wider than the pipe itself or, in open cut gas installations, they permit jointing to be carried out in a trench, which is especially helpful for repairs and/or tie-ins.

Properties such as no rust, long life and great flow properties, make sure that PE can prevent the corrosion difficulties and replacement issues connected with pipes to provide safe operation. Highly stress crack resistant, our gas mains is also very flexible, allowing us to make certain that our pipes offer sufficient wall thickness for gas transportation and supply.

We stock a huge range of gas pipe and fittings kept in stock on hand at EasyMerchant as well as ancillary items such as meter boxes available for all purposes from residential, commercial or industrial. We keep 25mm, 32mm and 63mm in stock. The PE80 system can handle up to 4 bars of pressure (gas) and is tested for safety and is approved for use in the UK.