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Gully Grids & Surface Meter Boxes

Gully grids are heavy duty C250 or D400 rated grids that fit on 300 x 300mm Yard Gullies and 425 x 425 Road Gullies. The 25 tonne rating for the C250 covers perfect for the smaller traffic within yards, and their D400 variants strong enough for road traffic.

More information on gully grid covers

Gully grids - also referred to as drain covers - help protect against debris from entering spaces from adverse weather conditions but also access by unauthorised individuals.

What are gully grids?

Gully drains play the crucial role of discharging water from the surface. A good way to consider them is an 'outside' water pipe the directs the water away. The purpose of drain cover grids is to protect access into this space where the water is flowing into as this joins up with a drainage system underground. 

Years ago, gully grids were exclusively made from cast iron - but today, plastics have largely replaced cast iron - although we can provide gully grids made of both materials.

What are gully grids made from?

They can be made from a range of different materials including aluminium but commonly they are made of ductile iron, which is one of the strongest forms of cast iron available and considered the best quality. As well as cast iron, we have a range of other materials available too - get in touch if you need specific gully grids.

The ones we have in stock at EasyMerchant range in the weight capacity from 25 tonnes up to 40 tonnes.

What type of variations do gully grids come in?

Grids can come in a variety of ranges with some even being custom made for specific spaces - however commonly we will see sizes ranging from 300mm x 300mm to 420mm x 420mm.

It is not uncommon to see other sizes including:

  • 150mm x 150mm
  • 160mm x 160mm
  • 200mm x 200mm
  • 250mm x 250mm

product picture D400 Traffic Flow Hinged Ductile Iron Gully Grate & Frameproduct picture for C250 Traffic Flow Hinged Ductile Iron Gully Grate & Frame

You will also see covers range in shapes which include rectangular designs, square or even circular.

How do gully grids work?

Many gully grid drain covers allow water from the ground to enter and direct them to an underground drainage system while protecting against waste and debris from entering the system,

Water can be collected across paved spaces that include block paving and asphalt.

They form a key part of the UK's drainage system and help maintain the safe dispersal of surface water around areas to protect against flash floods.

Blockages can often occur during periods of heavy rainfall and debris entering which can lead to the build up of water than can damage surrounding properties, vehicles and public spaces.

Triangular or square gully grid covers?

You'll notice that some covers are made up of a single, square grid that sits in the frame - whereas others are comprised of two triangular covers that form one, square cover.

Triangular covers are considered to be 'non-rocking' - and therefore less likely to ever move in their frame. Generally speaking, this isn't a problem - as you'll notice many covers bump slightly when a vehicle drives over them - but for high-speed traffic applications, it's a good idea to use a double-triangular grating if the cover is going to be placed directly under the track vehicles.

Need a specific design?

If you've got a specific design or application in mind and you're not 100% certain that we've got a product that works for you - get in touch.

Not only can we source a huge range of covers - we can advise on the right kind of parts for your specific job.

We buy our gully grids in bulk - so you don't have to

It doesn't matter whether you're doing a home DIY job at your own property - or installing drains across a whole new estate - we realise that sourcing top quality materials at cost-effective prices is vital.

This is why we buy in bulk. We negotiate the best prices with our suppliers and carry a huge stock of materials ready for dispatch.

What's more - we pass this discounts on to all our customers; whether you're buying a single item, or placing a huge order. This way, you can always be confident you're getting an unbeatable price.

Kitemarked for your peace of mind

As trade professionals, we appreciate how important it is that you walk away from a job knowing the materials you've used will stand up to whatever comes their way. This is especially important when you're dealing with drainage products that will carry water every day - and will often see enormous stresses placed on them - especially when they're used on roads and in yards.

With this in mind, we make sure everything we supply meets or exceeds strict UK testing standards - so you can leave the job knowing the drains you've installed are up to the job.