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Primed Victorian Ogee Guttering Cast Iron

Victorian Ogee Guttering Cast Iron sized 115mm from EasyMerchant. With unbeatable prices and next day delivery you’re sure to be impressed. All cast iron guttering comes primed ready to be painted.

*Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only. The products themselves may differ slightly from the images shown. Please rest assured all products supplied will be fit for purpose and as close a match to the pictures as possible.

Buy Victorian Ogee style gutter products from EasyMerchant today

We carry a range of Victorian Ogee guttering components - so if you need a recreate a traditional look for a period or listed property, we've got you covered.

Remember - we always buy in bulk and pass the discounts we receive onto our customers. As a result, you can be absolutely confident that you're getting a range of outstanding quality guttering parts at the lowest possible prices - whether you're buying a single item - or equipping a full row of Victorian terrace houses!

What exactly is traditional Victorian Ogee guttering?

A Victorian Ogee design gutter is made to recreate the ornate gutter designs of the 19th Century. Rather than being a standard semi-circle half-round gutter design, a run of Victorian Ogee gutter is almost flat backed - sitting against the fascia, with a more ornate, sloped and contoured design to the side facing away from the property.

115mm Victorian Ogee Cast Iron Running Outlet - Outlet size = 65mm

In some cases, a Victorian Ogee gutter on listed properties needs to be replaced like-for-like - and in other cases, the unique design of Victorian Ogee products appeals to people who are looking to keep Victorian period features on their home. Either way - we'll help you source the gutter parts you need to equip your house - and if you need anything that you don't see in our range, our customer service team will almost certainly be able to source the gutter parts you need on your behalf.

Fitting Victorian Ogee gutter parts to your property

As with our range of other cast iron guttering components and accessories for gutters, it's absolutely vital to ensure the properties fascia boards are in good condition and capable of supporting cast iron Victorian Ogee products.

In cases where you're looking to mount this type of gutter on a property that doesn't have fascias, you'll need specialist brackets. Again, we carry a range of Victorian Ogee gutter brackets that are likely to suit your fitting needs - but if you have a special request or can't see what you require - just let us know and we'll track down the components you need.

Installing gutters step 1: Install your first Victorian Ogee bracket considering the direction of the guttering

Identify the stop end and the socket end of the part you're beginning your rainwater guttering with - and orientate it according to your needs. Mount your first bracket according to manufacturer's instructions - usually 150mm from where the end of the gutters will sit.

Installing gutters step 2: Position your Victorian Ogee brackets as required

After your first bracket is mounted onto the fascia as required, you can begin to mark and fit your other Victorian Ogee brackets as required. Following our handy guide will help you decide how to position your brackets and how much fall you need to put on the gutters across the length of your property and according to where your downpipe is fitted.

Installing gutters step 3: Cut and position your gutter lengths

When you have calculated the number of Victorian Ogee gutter sections needed, you should cut them to size. To do a neat and safe job, you should use either a disc cutter or a tungsten tipped hacksaw. Ensure you wear the appropriate PPE when cutting gutters.

When your gutters are cut, you should make sure you tidy the cut ends - as swarf from the gutters can damage the paint finish and lead to discoloured patches on the lengths.

When cut to the correct size, you can lift your gutters into their position on the fittings attached to your fascia.

Installing gutters step 4: Join your Victorian Ogee sections using a sealant

It's important to make sure all your joint areas are free from any contamination - i.e. dirt, dust, or grease. When you're confident this is the case, you should apply a silicone sealant and make the connection. Generally, you will need to secure the connection using retaining bolts in the bolt holes on the underside of the guttering length.

When the joints are made, carefully wipe away any excess sealant that's come out of the gutters connections and bolt holes.