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Buy LED Lighted Wooden Bollards from EasyMerchant

Announcing EasyMerchant’s newest offering – Wooden Bollards and Driveway Lighting Bollards – bringing an ideal blend of style and functionality to your parking spaces! Made using all natural timbers, including Iroko hardwood, green timber and English oak, these wooden bollard lights and timber bollards deliver a natural aesthetic to compliment your outdoor spaces.

Easily illuminate your pathways, gardens and driveways with our range of electric and solar powered LED bollards to enhance safety and security as well as add to the beauty of your space. With a variety of designs available you can be sure that you will find the perfect look for your outdoor space.

All wooden bollard and lighting bollards are coated with Danish Oil to bring out the brilliant colours and grain of the wood and help it to keep this look. As they are made from natural timber, it is normal for each wooden bollard to crack, twist and warp over time. This gives each timber bollard a unique character meaning that no two will look the same, again flaunting the natural beauty of the wood.

The durable materials and construction will provide you with years of reliable service and the wooden bollard posts can be recycled or will naturally decompose at the end of their usefulness.

Explore our extensive range of bollard LED lights and bollards today to bring a perfect fusion of natural elegance and modern technology to you garden and instantly increase the curb appeal of your property.

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