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Black MDPE Pipes (Non-Potable)

Black MDPE pipe for carrying non-drinking (non-potable) water. For use in irrigation, fountains etc. Kept in sizes 20-90mm and is WRAS approved.

More Information about Black MDPE:

We stock MDPE pipe (black) in sizes 20mm all the way up to 90mm ensuring we have a huge range to suit any need, use or requirement. We also keep in stock them in 6m lengths or 25m, 50m, and 100m coils. We keep a large selection of black MDPE pipe available for any non-drinking water water system application - and if you don't see the products need, we'll search for it and track it down for you!

MDPE pipe products can also be referred to as black alkathene pipe, black PE pipe, black water pipe or black PE80 pipe. EasyMerchant keep huge amounts of blackMDPE water pipe products in stock which is available for immediate delivery! Black pipe is acceptable for non pottable mains water, drainage and sewerage applications and can be used in above ground installations where ingress is possible. It may also be used below ground, but please check with your water authority before buying.

Black coloured MDPE Pipe is used to provide premises which are not built on brownfield sites and domestic properties with non-pottable water. The normal size for use is 25mm, although this varies depending upon site circumstances. Black MDPE Pipe is used for supplying non drinking (water not fit for drinking) for irrigation, industrial and treated sewage outflow purposes. It uses the same fittings as standard.

Why MDPE? Some MDPE properties

When many other plastics and polymer products opt for PVC type materials - why do manufacturers make water pipe black MDPE?

Well, it's all to do with the properties of the polymer that make the black pipe. It's less dense than harder plastics - which means it's more forgiving when used for gas/water under the ground.

When installing black pipes under the ground, you have to be mindful of the pressure that will be put on them when the earth is compacted - with a product like UPVC, pressure across a length could lead to a fracture if the run is sitting on an irregularity in the bed beneath it. This is generally referred to a 'notching' a small but hard obstruction (usually gravel) that means there's a huge amount of very localised pressure on the run.

With a hard plastic, pressure like this will cause the pipe to crack - and a cracked  water pipe is going to cause the property owner a headache. MDPE water piping on the other hand is less dense and less brittle - so the notch won't cause a problem - nor will the flow of the water be compromised.

In the past, copper was used - owing to it's similar properties - but with MDPE being so much more cost-effective, it makes sense to use it in the place of expensive metal pipework.

As well as being an effective way of distributing mains water, MDPE pipe is also much easier to repair than many alternatives. Although access can be time-consuming, when you're at the pipe, simply cutting with hand tools a section out and connecting a new section with compression fittings can be done quickly and easily.

Features and Benefits of MDPE Pipe:

  • Not susceptible to rust rot, corrosion or loss of wall thickness.
  • Complies to water standards ISO 4427:2007, BS EN 15494:2003 and BS EN 6572:1985.
  • Internal abrasion resistant, stress cracking resistant and immune to Various chemicals
  • MDPE coils pressure rated to 12.5 bar
  • Material: medium density polyethylene
  • Lengths available: 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m
  • Light, durable and flexible
  • Much easier to install than steel or copper.

Size Chart:

MDPE Pipe Size (mm)Avgerage Bore inside diameter (mm)Avgerage wall thickness (mm)Approximate weight per metre (kg)

Do You Stock the Other Ranges?

Yes we stock coils of MDPE products in many colours and sizes. Blue MDPE for potable water. Black MDPE for non potable water. Yellow for gas mains and even green striped for rainwater harvesting. All in sizes from 20mm to 180mm. In coil form or in straight lengths.

The most commonly purchased size of black coil is 25m and in sizes 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.

We stock a huge range at EasyMerchant, but if there's something you need that you can't find available on our website then please feel free to contact us, we'll be able to source it for you.

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