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Buy Cheap Soakaway Crates (Attenuation Cells)

EasyMerchant keep in stock a huge range of different soakaway crates to suit all applications. We stock handy 1m3 kits for small domestic situations, but also keep in stock full lorry loads of of heavy duty attenuation cells such as the Polypipe Polystorm R soakaway crate which is often used in large civil engineering applications. Free delivery for all orders over £120, and delivered to you within three days.

More Information on Soakaway Crates

Attenuation Cells Installation

We keep plenty of attenuation cells in stock including: Geocell Attenuation CellsPolypipe Polystorm, Brett Martin Stormcrates and Aquavoid Soakaway CratesAll are different sizes with different loading capacities etc, so please make sure you're ordering the correct soakaway crates for your needs before placing the order. For ease we also sell these in sets for the most common soakaway sizes.

What Is a Soakaway Drain?

Interlocking modular crates, create flexible, water attenuation or attenuation systems of any size, shape and depth to suit condition and every ground.

They provide a 95% void space for surface water run-off from roof gutters and surface drains. You will also need to use a geotextile membrane, which is also available at EasyMerchant. Please check specifications if used alongside sewage treatment systems.

Stormwater is the term used to describe the rainwater that flows from rooftops, roads, car parks and other buildings. This water may contain many pollutants picked up from roofs and highways. In extreme weather conditions major disasters can be caused by heavy downpours of rain. Using our soakaway crates, stormwater can not only safely be eliminated, but it may be recycled and stored for commercial and domestic use.

Rainwater is fed into the soakaway crate system by plain end the socket of the drainage pipe up to one of the soakaway crates. Geotextile membrane (Terram) should be wrapped over the crates and then you should cut a hole in the membrane where it matches with the inlet hole for the pipe.

Wrap the geotextile membrane back and tape it around the edge of the pipe, which is supported by the side fill. A concrete mix can be be poured around the end of the pipe where it meets the crate if additional stability is required.

All exterior surfaces of any attenuation system should be wrapped in non-woven geotextile membrane (commonly called Terram), which will allow the free flow of water but will prevent any dirt, mud, gravel or sand particles from entering the system, maintaining its long term performance. Clips are not a necessity to maintain the crates. No clips on any system are structurally important, generally it is the side fill that will hold them all in place. Cable ties or steel jubilee clips can also be used instead of plastics clips and these are used only to hold the crates in place until the sand or gravel side fill is added.

Soakaway crates are utilised to store the surface water run-off from hard surfaced regions - for example roofs or car parks - and permit efficient infiltration into the adjacent dirt. They discharge their stored water adequately quickly to offer the essential capacity to receive run-off from a subsequent storm. Traditionally they have been used as a means of disposing of surface water in regions which are remote from public sewers or watercourses, rather allowing rainwater to infiltrate directly into the ground. Please note that you will need to check the tonne loading strength to make sure the soakaway system will be strong enough for it's required purpose before you purchase the crates.

Lately they have also been applied in fully-sewered regions to restrict the impact of new construction works also to avoid the price of updating sewers. They may be square, circular, or trench excavations and may be full of rubble, or lined with brickwork, plastic attenuation cells, perforated pre-cast concrete ring components or similar constructions.

Plastic crates are an excellent solution for preventing water damage and damp damage to your residence and the quick draining of surface water runoff away. Attenuation cells are for protecting your home, a modern and efficient surface water drainage method.

Plastic attenuation cell systems are more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, which suffer from flaws that are mechanical and environmental. They are simple to install in their own soakaway layout that is flexible, allowing you to add drainage pipes in locations and clip on the cells collectively in the most convenient way.

Our Soakaway Crate kits include geotextile membrane that is adequate to wrap every outer-face.