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Buy 110mm Drainage Pipe Online

Our 110mm Underground Pipe and Fittings are made in the UK and are fully Kitemarked, proving that they’ve been tested and are approved for use in the UK. We have chosen these fittings because they offer superb performance while they remain available to you at an excellent low price. Free shipping included on all orders above £120/ex VAT

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More information on 110mm Drainage Pipe:

EasyMerchant's 110mm Drainage Pipe is ideally suited for private home drainage. 320mm and 450mm inspection chambers are available for access to any blockages or for general maintenance.

EasyMerchant's underground drainage pipe is for use with sewerage systems for gravity based waste water drainage. It's manufactured from PVC for high strength, and is light weight for easy installation. It may be installed to depths up to 10 metres and is suitable for both domestic and commercial solutions.

The drainage pipes supplied are stored in bales, bound within timber frame components. It's recommended that bales of ninety are moved using a forklift or similar, and are stored stacked at no more than three high. Accompanying fittings are supplied in boxes and should be stored away from direct sunlight. If stored outside, the boxes should be opened to avoid any temperature or heat issues or condensation. EasyMerchant supply our sticks with a socket included, instead of plain ended to make installation easier.

Fittings are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U). Inspection chambers, and gully grids are made from polypropylene. All lengths and fittings are manufactured in brown unless otherwise stated. Fittings within the drainage pipe range include double socket and single socket bends, triple socket and double socket junctions, double socket couplers, gullies and everything else needed to supply a complete system.

The drainage pipe system provides an efficient way of eliminating waste water and foul water discharge from over ground drainage. The drainage pipe range includes many different bends, couplings, gullies (such as a bottle gully, and a back inlet gully) traps, and inspection chambers / access chambers which easily integrate with EasyMerchant's stores of below and above ground drainage pipe which will accommodate most installations. The drainage pipe is manufactured in PVC-U to deliver a strong and durable solution, that's simple and lightweight. It is suitable for waste collection as well as foul water and raw sewage. In this scenario surface water drainage pipe systems, and drainage pipe sewer systems (a sewer or foul sewer) is a drainage pipe method for transporting sewage and rainwater from the home and/or business buildings (although maybe not stormwater) to sewage disposal centres. It should not used for above ground level purposes as it does not include any UV stabiliser (a costly additive to PVC) and therefore it can quickly fade in sunlight.

The drainage pipe system is based around the "ring seal" system (usually found at the socket of the bend or length). A lubricant will need to be used around the seal of the socket of the fitting along with a correctly chamfered pipe in the proper diameter, then the plain end of the bend is going to be put into the socket of the fitting. This is a procedure that is simple, but issues can occur when these instructions aren't adhered to! Do not use fairy liquid to lubricate the seals, and constantly ensure the pipe is chamfered without any sharp edges. Check that the seal is not damaged, has been displaced and has not fallen out.

Whilst most of the products made from other materials are no longer used for this specific application, clay drainage is produced in the UK and it's still favoured by many fitters, though it is not as easy to work with as the plastic drainage pipe is, as it needs power tools to install. With long working life spans, and joints that are significantly stronger, PVC sewer pipe work is a lot lighter than clay is. Much easier to install and it is also much more easy to cut for the surface water solutions contractor - and you'll be able to construct a whole sewage system with bends through to manhole inspection chambers and covers using the same substance. How it's installed, as well as the bedding that is used are as important as such pipes may be more prone to leakage if not set up to the specification or to tree root ingress and deformity. here at EasyMerchant we highly advise you pick up a sewer pipe system that is Kitemarked and made to BS EN 1401 Standards.