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Order Solvent Waste Pipe and Fittings online From EasyMerchant

Solvent waste is the plumber’s go-to waste system, because the solvent joint creates the strongest join of all in the waste pipe ranges. Our solvent waste system is selected due to it’s colour fastness and consistency as well as consistency in size and dimension. The system is full Kite Marked and manufactured in the UK.

More Information on Solvent Waste Pipe:

Produced from UPVC, to 1566-1:2000 Standards. This shatter proof material is strong, durable and Conforms to BSEN. The UPVC solvent weld waste pipe system comes in three sizes: 50mm, 40mm and 32mm and three colour options: Bright white, Black & Grey. The range, which meets the requirements of BSEN, BS5255 & 1329-1:2000 also conforms to the European standards, and offers a selection of solvent waste fittings to meet virtually every requirement. Easy to handle and easy to fit, the solvent waste pipe range provides the installer and specifier the best of both worlds - top quality product, at a price to match anything available on the market.

Solvent waste requires a slightly more intensive setup over for example the push fit system that only pushes together - as solvent waste joints will require proper preparation and then for solvent cement to be applied and left to dry for 24 hours before it pipework can be used to carry water. Otherwise there is the risk that the joints have not bonded correctly and leaks could occur.

However once bonded, the joints are much longer lasting than any of the other waste systems. That's why solvent waste systems are the go to waste system for most plumbers.

At EasyMerchant we attempt to bring you the finest quality items at the best possible prices. We also wish to send them to you as fast and accurately as we can. That is why we're positive you'll be delighted with some of the waste pipe systems we have available and return again the next time you are in need!