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Buy Twin Wall Electrical Cable Ducting

We maintain twinwall cable ducting in all colours for use in all installations. All of our electrical duct pipes are made in accordance with UK regulations and are approved for usage in the UK. In addition, we keep a full array of ducting accessories including underground mark tapes and drawcords.

More Information on Electrical Twinwall Ducting:

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What Exactly is a Cable Duct System, Anyway?

Cable ducts are typically for electrical conduit use, specifically, electrical piping systems.

Why is Ducting Necessary in Construction?

The Electronics industry relies on the construction industry to provide a safe underground route for electric wiring. Electricians do wire ducting after the route has been built. Materials such as fiber, plastic, and metal are used for electrical conduit tasks. However, twinwall wire ducting is quickly becoming a popular alternative.

Twinwall Electrical Ducting Systems

Electrical twinwall duct is manufactured in black, which denotes its use as a protective pipe system for electric wire installations. So, twinwall electrical ducting will allow you to securely lay electric electric wiring within or outside walls. 

HDPE Ducting Profiles

Our High-density polyethylene (HDPE) duct is obtainable in single-wall corrugated, twin-wall smooth bore, and solid-wall profiles.

EasyMerchant’s plastic profiles HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) extrusions are perfect for many commercial and industrial applications since the material is odor and stain resistant and is toxic free.

Benefits of HDPE Ducting Profiles

⦁ No stain or odor
⦁ Scuff resistant
⦁ Flexible
⦁ FDA compliant
⦁ Rust resistant
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ High-impact strength
⦁ Easy installation

More Reasons To Go for EasyMerchant’s Electrical Twinwall Ducting

All wall-ducting coils from EasyMerchant are provided complete with a draw cord for installation ease. Our electrical twinwall ducting delivers the advantages of a flexible product in addition to strength and durability.

Both EasyMerchant's twinwall duct coils and wall 6m lengths are intended to satisfy compression strength ratings and they are supplied in various colours and markings to match NJUG recommendations in this case the pipe is black to indicate that electricity wires are installed inside.

The pipe is normally supplied in 6 metres lengths or 50 metre coils. The corrugated profile provides the product added strength and the inner bore is smooth to stop snagging. If required, a sealed joint might be achieved by utilising two pipe seals and a coupling.

Typical Applications of Twinwall Electrical Ducting

⦁ Gas
⦁ Electricity
⦁ Traffic Signals and Street Lighting
⦁ Traffic Management and Motorway Communications
⦁ Water
⦁ Light Rail Systems
⦁ Railtrack

Advantages of Twinwall Electrical Ducting

⦁ The pipe has simple push fit joints for easy installation and HDPE flexibility reduces the need for bends
⦁ High compression strength
⦁ Water resistant if sealed and can be laid at extreme temperatures
⦁ High chemical resistance
⦁ Reduces risk of damage and protects electric wires
⦁ Pipe is colour coded according to client’s wishes

Approvals and Standards

Twinwall pipe systems are made as per:

BS EN ISO 14001:2004
BS EN ISO 9001:2008

HDPE Twinwall pipe systems are kitemarked to EN50086- 2-4:1994. Power and Electricity Twinwall pipe systems are also made consistent with ENA TS 12-24 Issue 2 February 2008.


All EasyMerchant’s twinwall electric wiring systems are compliant to the new BBA certification for sealed systems.
Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe to use a credit card when ordering online from EasyMerchant?

Yes. EasyMerchant uses a well-known, secure system for online ordering that is used worldwide.

Is anti modern slavery part of your policy terms conditions?

Yes. We’re dedicated to making sure that there is no trace modern slavery in all our supply chains or any part of our business.
What do the different colours for twinwall electrical pipe systems mean?

NJUG Colour Coding:

⦁ Purple: Motorway Communications
⦁ Yellow: Gas Green CCTV
⦁ Red and Black: Power and electricity
⦁ Orange: Traffic signal and street lighting
⦁ Blue: Water
⦁ Grey: Telecommunications
What about packaging?

Twinwall duct is obtainable in:

⦁ Coils (50m, 25m)
⦁ Rigid lengths (6m)

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