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Twinwall Electrical Cable Ducting

We keep twinwall cable ducting in all the common sizes for use for protecting electricity cables while they’re buried under ground. All of our electrical duct pipes are made to comply with UK regulations and are approved for installation in the UK.

More Information on Twinwall Electric Cable Ducting:

Here at EasyMerchant, we carry an impressive range of ducting products designed specifically for electrical applications. 
Although our range is one of the best in the UK, we appreciate we might not always have exactly what you need - so if you can see the item you need, get in touch and let us know - we'll track it down for you, and we'll make sure you get it at an unbeatable price.

picture of cable duct pipe

What is electric cable ducting?

Electric cable ducting is a cabling protection system that electric cables run through. Generally speaking, ducting is 'twinwall' i.e. a tube within a tube - designed as such to make sure it's as strong and impact/notch resistant as possible. 

Why is ducting needed?

Needless to say, all properties require an electrical connection - and when the cable's routed into and around the property, it needs to a safe underground route to do so. Ducting is designed for this purpose - to protect otherwise vulnerable electrical cabling.

Why black?

When it comes to ducting, the colour black denotes use as a protective system for electrical cabling - from domestic electric supplies to cable TV feeds and street lighting cables. This makes ducting easy to identify if or when it's accessed or maintained in the future.

Which materials are used?

Ducting is made of a variety of materials - including fibre, plastic, and metal. However, this type of plastic electric cable duct is fast becoming a favourite in the industry - both because of it's robust, tough build quality - and the fact that it's light and easy to work with.

What are plastic twinwall electric ducting systems made out of?

Like many plastics designed to be used underground, electric cable ducts are made from a type of polyethylene, in this case; HDPE - or 'High Density Polyethylene". This is a highly versatile general purpose plastic that's easily recycled and very strong. 

Other benefits of this material to make ducting systems include:

Lightweight and strong: The lightweight nature of polyethylene means it's very cost effective to transport. Not only does this keep logistics costs down (meaning cheaper deliver costs for you) - it also means that there's a reduced impact on the environment too.

Impact resistance: It's fair to say that construction sites aren't always the kind of place where things get carefully handled - which makes polyethylene ideal. polyethylene is highly impact resistant, both during installation in when in place.

Inert nature: polyethylene is inert - meaning it does not and will not react to chemicals around it. This means it will not react to any materials it comes into contact with - and it's highly-resistant to interactions with chemicals in the ground it's laid in.

Flexible: Although it won't bend round tight corners, polyethylene is perfectly adequate for making large radius bends, maintaining it's strength when doing so.

Helpful features

Each of the UK-made duct systems we provide come complete with a draw cord for cable installation ease. This means that cables can be pulled through the duct, reducing the time and effort needed to complete your job.

Approvals and Standards

Twinwall systems are made as per:

BS EN ISO 14001:2004
BS EN ISO 9001:2008

HDPE systems are kitemarked to EN50086- 2-4:1994. Power and Electricity systems are also made consistent with ENA TS 12-24 Issue 2 February 2008.


All EasyMerchant’s electric wiring systems are compliant to the new BBA certification for sealed systems.

Lengths available:

We can provide black electric cable ducts in either rigid lengths of 6m - or in coils of either 25m or 50m.

Why choose EasyMerchant for your ducting needs?

When it comes to ducting, we're likely to be the cheapest provider you'll find - but price isn't the only reason you should buy your materials from EasyMerchant. 

We also work hard to set our customer service standards higher than any other builders merchants out there. As such, we're always on hand to help - whether you're exploring our website and you're not sure exactly which product is right for you - or whether you're on-site and not 100% certain how to complete a job. 

Just give us a call, drop us an email, or even open up a chat window on our site - and you'll be connected to expert customer service agents who understand your trade and knows our products inside out!

How can do provide such amazing prices?

We know that keeping your material costs down is key - and this is why we make sure we can provide everything you need at rock-bottom costs.

How do we do it?

Well, it's all about buying in quantity. Buy purchasing in enormous bulk, we're able to secure the best prices from manufacturers and suppliers - and when we do, we pass the savings we make on with every order.

As such, you can be certain that you'll get amazing price - whether you're buying a single 6m length - or you're equipping your warehouse with numerous coils and ducting coil couplers ready for a huge new contract.