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Buy Geotextile Membranes (Woven and Non-Woven)

We stock and sell Geotextile Membranes from top manufacturers such as Terram and Don & Low. We also sell Terram textile in custom sizes for ease.

Additional Information on Geotextile Membrane:

Geotextile membranes are fabric pieces that are added into the ground as protective membrane. They’ve many different applications and functions, depending on the circumstance of use, but are frequently used in engineering and drainage projects.

Geotextile Membranes Explained

Our Geotextile Membranes or fabrics solve different problems be it environmental or groundwork. Our solutions have become increasingly popular for groundwork civil and engineering jobs.

We can supply a vast array of products, each to suit different end uses such as: Geocells, Woven Geotextiles, Geocomposites and Non-woven Geotextile.

The properties of white non-woven geotextile make it the perfect fabric for wrapping modular soakaway crates and for lining "French" drain soakaways. It is also ideal for ground stabilisation, landscape and building works and for a variety of separation & filtration applications.

Both Woven & Non-Woven types of membranes or fabrics are generally supplied in rolls of 4.5m wide by 100m long. We do also sell membranes in custom sizes to make things a little easier for you!

Modern engineered membranes can go beyond just filtering fines from the system. Within the terram fabric range you’ll find geotextiles specially developed to filter pollutants in the fluids passing through the ground past the fabric membrane, preventing them from entering the underlying soils and contaminating ground water.

In the right circumstances some of these pollutants can be degraded to secure elements by naturally occurring microbes. Geotextile fabrics make it possible to treat drainage and filtration as two entirely separate issues.

We can supply all information for any of the rolls of geotextile fabrics that we offer, so if you have any questions just let us know so that we can find you all the information you need.

No matter the need, add a geotextile fabric that's correctly specified according to its hydraulic properties and it will generate a filter zone preventing small particles passing through causing problems such as siltation.

It is the increasing knowledge of geotextile fabrics performance and the ability to manufacture it with increased precision that has caused the increasing use of terram geotextiles in even multifaceted drainage solutions. For ease, we offer terram fabrics in custom sizes, find those above, simply select the size needed and add to cart.


  • Permeable Pavements

  • Scour Control

  • Green Roofs

  • Grass Paved Areas

  • Making gravel driveways

  • Separating stone layers in car parks or overflow car park construction

  • With permeable paving surfaces

  • Wrapping Soakaway Crates

  • Coastal Erosion Protection

  • For gravel-filled plastic paving grids to prevent the gravel intermixing with the larger sub-base stone layers

  • In road and pavement construction

  • Under block paving

  • Land drains

  • Water attenuation & rainwater harvesting

Geotextile Membrane Frequently Asked Questions

What types of geotextile membrane are there?

  1. Impermeable geotextile membranes

These don’t allow water to pass through the membrane, meaning that they’re useful in retaining water within a certain space or stopping it from travelling through.

  1. Permeable/porous geotextile membranes

These porous fabric pieces allow water to pass through and can be non-woven or woven.

When to use geotextile membranes?

Geotextile membranes are mostly used for drainage, protection, reinforcement, filtration and separation.

What Sizes are Available?

Both types of geotextile membranes are generally supplied in rolls of 100m long by 4.5m wide. For those working on smaller projects both types are also obtainable to buy by the metre.

Is anti modern slavery part of your policy terms conditions?

Yes. We’re dedicated to making sure that there is no trace modern slavery in all our supply chains or any part of our business.

Is it safe to use a credit card when ordering online from EasyMerchant?

Yes. EasyMerchant uses a well-known, secure system for online ordering that is used worldwide.

Are there geotextile membranes that will stop weed growth but still allow turf to grow?

Yes, the best solution is a non-woven geotextile as it is a strong, thermally bonded fleece.

What do the different sizes for non-woven geotextile membranes mean?

Here are the common classifications used in the specifications for non-woven geotextiles:

  1. CBR Puncture Resistance and Trapezoidal Tear Strength

  2. Apparent Opening Size

  3. Permeability and Permittivity

  4. Weight

  5. Elongation and Grab Tensile Strength


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