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Buy Geotextile Membranes (Woven and Non-Woven)

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What are geotextile Membranes?

Our Geotextile Membranes solve different problems that are environmental. Our solutions have become increasingly popular for civil engineering jobs. We can supply a vast array of products, each to suit different end uses such as: geocells, woven geotextiles, geocomposites and Non woven Geotextile Membranes. There are five basic functions which can be supplied using materials: containment, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and separation.

The properties of white non-woven geotextile membranes make it the perfect fabric for wrapping modular soakaway crates and for lining "French" drain soakaways. It is also ideal for ground stabilisation, landscape and building works and for a variety of separation & filtration applications.

Both Woven & Non-Woven types of geotextile membranes are generally supplied in rolls of 4.5m wide by 100m long. We do also sell geotextile membranes in custom sizes to make things a little easier for you!

Modern engineered geotextile membranes can go beyond just filtering fines from the system. Within the terram range you will find geotextile membranespecifically developed to filter pollutants in the fluids passing through, preventing them from entering the underlying soils and contaminating groundwater.

In the right circumstances some of these pollutants can be degraded to secure elements by naturally occurring microbes. geotextile membranes make it feasible to treat filtration and drainage as two entirely separate issues.

No matter the program a geotextile membrane correctly specified according to its hydraulic properties will generate a filter zone preventing small particles passing through causing problems such as siltation. It is the increasing knowledge of geotextile membranes performance and the ability to manufacturer with increased accuracy that has led to the increasing use of terram geotextiles in ever more complex drainage solutions. For ease, we offer terram in custom sizes.

Typical uses include:

• Permeable Pavements
• Wrapping Soakaway Crates
• Coastal Erosion Protection
• Scour Control
• Green Roofs
• Grass Paved Areas