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Manhole Keys

Find online our best selling, universal manhole key sets. They make life easier as each set contains a key for all manhole covers you’re likely to encounter. Turn up to site knowing you can remove that lid!

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Universal chamber lid Key Set

These lifting keys are one of the essential products part of any drainage installers tool kit. They're usually a small metal handle, with a tip at the end, which fits into a hole in the manhole cover.

They usually come in pairs so that you can use one in each hand and pull the cover-up and off of the manhole easily.

What are they made from?

product picture of DUCTILE IRON MEDIUM DUTY LOOP HANDLE chamber lid key (PAIR)

The products are usually made from Nylon, Ductile Iron, or Stainless Steel. Dependant on the strength required.

Are there many variations?

Yes, unfortunately, there are many different products and variations of inspection chamber lid on the market and in installations from over the years, and thus there are many different types of tools, keys, and tips available to lift them dependant on the brand and weight of the cover. So it's important to check that you're ordering the correct key before you purchase.

What's the difference between light duty and heavy-duty?

Well basically, heavy-duty covers such as ones made from ductile iron will require a strong manhole lifting key so that it does not break while the lift is taking place. The keys are usually marked as "light", "medium", or "heavy" duty. So make sure to choose the correct strength when ordering. The light-duty keys are usually made from Nylon, and the heavy ones Ductile Iron.

How do I open a stuck manhole lid?

Product picture of Manup Lifting Key Set 2

Over the years road resurfacing or just general movement of the soils or surface can encroach around the rim of a manhole cover, making it incredibly hard to remove. For these purposes, we sell two different kits. One is a pneumatic machine that you can fix on top of the cover, and then pump the handle to apply up to 1.5 tonnes of pressure to loosen the lid.

The other option, in this case, is the popular brand, ManUp key. This looks like a Pogo stick, you insert the key into the cover and then from a standing position apply a movement to loosen the lid, feel free to visit the product page above for more details and information including a video on how it works.

Any health and safety tips?

Yes, always lift with a straight back being careful not to round or arch your back or apply sudden pulling or jerking movements. Care must be taken around the manhole to make sure there are no trip hazards, and then from a position of correct posture, proceed to slowly and steadily lift the lid. Back injuries are common from workmen lifting manhole lids with improper form. Also, be sure to make sure no one is around or behind you when you begin to lift if a key slips it's possible to elbow or hit someone behind you if your arm is to move suddenly.

What happens if I cannot find the correct key?

Usually, the manhole cover will have a brand name or a brand model number printed on it. Feel free to call us and quote this number. We'll be able to find out who's manufactured it and try to contact them and find out which is the correct key, and get a price for you if required. We also sell universal key kits, which is a kit that comes with all the key types required. This is really handy for drainage installers and the like. The keys are detachable using a locking system which allows the installer to change tips based on the lid they wish to remove.

Should I buy them from EasyMerchant?

Well, our store offers tried and tested products, and competitive prices and a speedy and accurate delivery services, with free delivery available for any order over £120 or you're able to collect from our trade counter. Our reviews show that people found us to be easy to deal with and we're rated 5 stars for our services!