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Buy Heavy Duty Manhole Covers at EasyMerchant

We keep Heavy Duty Manhole Covers from A15 to C250 here at EasyMerchant. Made by Eccles, these heavy duty manhole covers are bought and sold all over the world. Their popularity is due to their excellent mixture of high quality and low prices. They’re all tested to the relevant standards and are tried and tested in all conditions.

More Information on Heavy Duty Manhole Covers

When it comes to finding appropriate products for your planned application, you should not look any farther than EasyMerchant Limited! We supply heavy duty manhole covers to suit all customers' requirements, so don't hesitate to check out our range of products below.

Heavy duty manhole covers are simple. The intention of the heavy duty manhole covers is to restrict unauthorised access and to avoid anything falling in the manhole. Ordinarily, a manhole cover will be found on driveways or pavements to prevent any threats.

The products which we provide at EasyMerchant Limited are made to suit every need, and they comply with British Standards and can cope with any regions of traffic. Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and comprise of the most reputable brands.

We provide the heavy duty frames that are manhole also; these shield manholes and are acceptable for various loading capacities. Inside our assortment of heavy duty covers and frames, you will discover the chamber reducer ring, amongst a number of other products. The reducer ring is made from black polypropylene and reduces this manhole's introduction - it is also excellent for new and existing installations.

Here at EasyMerchant Limited we provide the lifting keys for medium and heavy duty manhole covers, letting you lift the lid easily and also to perform routine servicing and maintenance.

Any heavy duty manhole frames and covers are prone to several impacts; thus, they have to be able to defy these, without compromising safety criteria. Our heavy duty manhole covers and frames include an anti-slip tread significance that they are safe to use (that is ideal if they're set on pavements.)

Grey or Black in colour, with a polypropylene frame, these heavy duty manhole covers are perfect for heavily trafficked areas and works with different accessories.

When picking heavy duty manhole covers you'll need to make sure that you choose the right one. To avoid picking the wrong size frames and covers, take into consideration the manhole's specific demands. EasyMerchant Limited are always here to advise if necessary.

If you want any help choosing the size of load rating for your manhole covers and frames, you're welcome to discuss your needs in detail with all the group here at EasyMerchant Limited!