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Heavy Duty Drainage Channel Systems

We stock PDS’ Envirochannel range for the D400 Channel Drainage category. This is a super strong, environmentally friendly channel with a lifetime breakage guarantee!

More about heavy duty channel drainage and drainage channels:

D400 Channel Drainage (400kn – design load of at least 89,920 lbs per foot):

What is a heavy duty drainage channel and how does it move surface water?

Essentially, a heavy duty channel drainage system does the same job as our standard range of channel drainage options - it can just take a lot more weight!

This means heavy duty channel drains and drainage channels are ideal for settings where they're likely to come under increased load. This might be industrial yards and car parks - but it could equally be airport runways. We can provide systems that will stand the weight of a fully laden aircraft!

A quick guide to channel drains - How does heavy duty channel drainage work?

Heavy duty channel drains are sometimes referred to as Aco drains or linear drains - but they're all the same design.

There's a good chance you've crossed a channel drain on foot or in your car in the last 24 hours - they've an extremely popular drainage option, thanks to the fact that they're tidy, unobtrusive, and extremely effective.

A channel drain is very wide - so, even though it might not appear to move standing water quite as quickly as a standard, square drain, they often have a far greater capacity when the length of the channel is considered.

By combining this huge volume with a cross section design that helps to quickly move the collected water, you can start to understand why they're such an effective option for moving standing water.

What types of channel are available? We can provide a range of products - even environmentally friendly options

At EasyMerchant, we stock both traditional style channel drainage systems, and the Envirochannel range.

Both are capable of handling loads of at least 89,920 lbs per square foot - making them suitable for virtually any setting where you need to move surface water.

The B125 channel is a polypropylene product - and the Envirochannel range is made of a recycled composite that's just as durable as the polypropylene alternatives, but comes with a host of environmental benefits.

The Envirochannel range is a one-piece channel drainage system - where more traditional designs rely on a polypropylene channel body section with a ductile iron or polypropylene grate that covers the drain. Envirochannel products are made in such a way that their design prevents blockages - meaning there's no reason to ever have to access the plastic drainage channel.

What is this heavy duty drainage system suitable for? Where are channel drains used?

For moving surface water from carriageways and roads, hard shoulders, parking areas for all types of road vehicles. For use on highways. Suitable for any type of road traffic, and also for commercial areas using forklifts etc.

How do you connect heavy duty channel drainage to an underground drainage pipe system to move surface water?

We've often asked how to install channel drainage. Of course, we're always just a call or email away if you need our support at any stage in your installation process - but here, we've given a quick overview so you can get a feel for whether or not it's a job you'll be able to tackle yourself.

  1. Start by digging a trench - you'll need to allow for 50mm of compacted sand as a base and 100mm of backfill concrete at each side.
  2. Connect a string line to show the finishing height of the grade. Aim to make this around 2mm lower than the surrounding surface when you're finished.
  3. Allow for a 1:200 fall across the run of the channel. This will be around 5mm for every 1m section.
  4. Begin your installation at the lowest point - when you connect to the drain or soakaway. Begin by fitting complete channel sections, and finish the job with a cut section if necessary.
  5. All channel drainage sections come with locating grooves so you can quickly connect them together. When you connect new sections, make sure you have the grate in place so you can judge the height of the section against the surrounding surfaces before it's fixed in place.
  6. When your final section is cut to length (if needed) connect an end cap before it goes into the trench. This end cap should represent the highest point of the whole system.
  7. Working your way back along the full run of channels, seal the inside of the connections with a silicone sealant to ensure they're watertight.
  8. Before pouring your polymer concrete, you should ensure your sections are masked off with a suitable tape. This will mean you don't accidentally trap the grate - which is often designed to be removed.
  9. Pour your polymer concrete, creating a 2mm hight difference over the grate section. Allow you concrete to set for at least 72 hours (or according to manufacturers recommendations). Make sure no force is applied to the drains while the concrete is hardening.

What does the load rating on heavy duty channels mean?

A D400 rated drainage channel can stand up to 400kn of pressure - that's at least 89,920 lbs per foot. Beneath this, C250 rated systems will stand up to 250kn of pressure - or 56,200 lbs per square food.

Where C250 products are ideal for light commercial applications, a D400 product is capable of handling the kind of pressure you would expect on a busy road - or heavier industrial settings using forklifts, etc.

Do you need a higher weight rating?

Need E600 or F900 drainage channels that's capable of taking the weight of plant machinery or aircraft?

No problem.

Even if you can't see suitable drainage channels or channel listed here - we have almost certainly provided it before and can supply it to you at an exceptional price. We can track down all load classes.

Talk to our customer service team - either by email, on the telephone, or using our website's instant messaging service. You'll be talking to someone who understands your trade - and can track down products and advice that will suit you perfectly.

At EasyMerchant, we buy our products in bulk so you always get outstanding prices for drainage channels - even if you're buying a one-off or a small number

When you shop for drainage channels with EasyMerchant, you can be confident that you're getting a great price - because we secure outstanding bulk deals from our suppliers and manufacturers.

As a result, you don't need to make a bulk order drainage channels - instead, we'll simply make sure you get the best building materials prices online, even if you're doing a quick DIY job and need a single item.