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Heavy Duty Drainage Channel Systems

We stock PDS’ Envirochannel range for the D400 Channel Drainage category. This is a super strong, environmentally friendly channel with a lifetime breakage guarantee!

More About Channel Drainage:

D400 Channel Drainage (400kn – design load of at least 89,920 lbs per foot):

For carriageways and roads, hard shoulders, parking areas for all types of road vehicles. For use on highways. Suitable for any type of road traffic, and also for commercial areas using forklifts etc.

Drain channels come in a variety of sizes, from units for roof drainage all the way up to 250mm drains for large scale applications. They're designed using a great deal of different of materials, including concrete that has been wet-pressed, steel, plastic and polymer concrete. There are ones that maintain a regular depth along their length, and those with built-in falls. Those with drops tend to be employed to empty large areas such as car parks. The deep plastic type is used for lengths of drain, and on regions with fall or a slope. We supply a broad range including accessibility corner components and sump units, end caps, and socket adaptors for station drains.

Channel drains are a construction product used around the world for a variety of purposes. You could hear them being called trench or linear drains or drain channels. Does channel drainage work? The explanation as to how channel drainage works is that it's based on gravity. Accordingly, channel drains should be positioned at a point where surface water is likely to roll towards - under no circumstances should the water be expected to climb uphill! They're made up of a grating over the top with the channel it's self usually being made from concrete, plastic or a composite material. This helps over spill and to decrease floods. These drains can also be utilised to control water flow by decreasing the pressure where it's been installed.

Channel drains are sometimes called Aco or linear drains and you will probably have walked or driven one in the previous day. Channel drains are a totally unobtrusive, neat and tidy drainage solution which is used anywhere from the most tiny internal domestic configurations up to scale entire regions. A wide range of linear channel drainage systems are available to suit loading classifications according to BS-EN 1433 -- (drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas). We can supply any width or length and builds to suit all circumstances. At EasyMerchant, we've got a wide assortment of channel drainage products available. These include fundamental 1 metre plastic drainage channel components for use on drives, through to stainless steel components for airports or large car parks.