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Eaves Protector Trays

Fills the gap between the roofing membrane and and the gutter system. The eaves protector trays are a cost effective solution to help prevent rot or damp. Available in packs of ten x 1.5m lengths.

In the past, thick and heavy layers of roofing felt were used between the rafters and the tiles that make up your roof. However, as new, thinner and more lightweight felt has come into use, there’s not quite the same level of protection that this heavyweight felt offered.

With a gap in your roof, the right amount of wind and rain can cause water ingress – and unchecked water in your home is never good.

An eaves protector works by covering this gap – effectively creating a new felt support tray that channels water away from your brickwork and into the gutter. The good news is, an eaves protector cost-effective and easy to handle – so it’s not a big outlay of time or money to make sure your house is ship-shape.

£1.76 Excl. VAT
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