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Roofing Accessories – Eaves Protection & Mesh

Browsing our guttering range? Well, while you’re at it why not boost your roofing defence with our premium range of roofing accessories? This category features Eaves Protection Trays and Soffit Vent Mesh/Insect Mesh, key components to enhance your roofing system.

Eaves Protection Trays

Eaves Protection Trays, available in 1.5m lengths, offer an affordable solution to bridge the gap between your roofing membrane and the guttering system, aiding in preventing dampness and rot.

Gone are the days of thick roofing felt providing protection between rafters and tiles. As lighter, thinner felt is now in use, our Eaves Protection Trays step in to fill that protective void. They efficiently guide water away from your brickwork and into the gutter, offering a cost-effective and easy-to-handle solution to maintain your house’s robustness.

Soffit Vent Mesh / Insect Mesh

The Soffit Vent Mesh, also known as Insect Mesh, is a dual-purpose tool that keeps soffit vents clear of insects and debris, and prevents damp and condensation build-up in your roof space. A small investment in our roofing accessories can lead to a big enhancement in your roof’s durability and function.

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