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More Information on Blue Water Pipes, Yellow Gas Pipes, and Black Water Pipes:

Medium Density Polyethylene also called alkathene, is a tough and flexible thermoplastic that's employed in the production of water pipe, because of the high chemical resistance, and higher avoidance of algae, fungus and parasites build-up. The range is available in SDR11, SDR13.6 and SDR17.6, in sizes 20mm to 63mm for black MDPE pipe, blue MDPE Pipe and for yellow gas mains MDPE pipe in 20mm to 560mm. We offer a full assortment and they are adaptable for fitment to Lead Polyethylene, Copper, PVC and Galvanised Iron.

Blue MDPE water mains pipe is used for service connections between the supply mains to individual properties and for above ground services if the pipes are installed inside protective twin wall ducts. It shouldn't be used for the conveyance of diesel , gas oil, gases or compressed air. The system is suitable for use with cold water (maximum temperature 20C) with a working pressure of up to 12.5 bar. Our pipe is produced from MDPE and MDPE has a higher long term stress and crack resistance than HDPE PE80.

Wondering what the difference between black and blue MDPE is? We've written a guide here.

When ordering pipe coils which are 50mm and over, please consider the weight and bulk of the coils of pipe on order. An 63mm MDPE coil that is 50m long weighs around 50kgs - anything heavier than this will need to be off-loaded and and moved around using a forklift. Larger MDPE water pipe coil sizes have to be delivered by our own vehicles rather than by standard courier.

MDPE is a light, flexible and durable piping system which is easy to install, it is excellent for carrying water including Potable Drinking Water in addition to many different substances and can be installed above or below ground as is it not susceptible to rust. Internally abrasion resistant, stress cracking resistant, not notch sensitive and resistant to a variety of chemicals. The fact that it does not react negatively wither with surrounding soil guarantees that the pipework isn't susceptible to rot, rust, corrosion or loss of wall thickness.

All materials and MDPE pipe fittings used must comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. Information is taken from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, Water Regulations Guide Book (2000), and is only intended as guidance when laying new water supply pipes.

Pipe Specifications & Features:

  • Material: medium density polyethylene
  • Light and durable
  • Very flexible
  • Suitable for above or below ground use
  • Immune to corrosion
  • Stress cracking resistant
  • Resistant to internal abrasion
  • Pipe is not notch sensitive
  • Coils pressure rated to 12.5 bar
  • HDPE coils pressure rated to 10 bar
  • Pipes are WRc tested
  • Pipes are WRAS approved
  • Complies to water standards ISO 4427:2007, BS EN 15494:2003 and BS 6572:1985

Pipe Size Chart:

MDPE Pipe Size (mm)Avgerage Bore inside diameter (mm)Avgerage wall thickness (mm)Approximate weight per metre (kg)