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Domestic Drain Channel Systems

Plastic Drainage Channels usually come with a 1.25 tonne load rating and is perfect for landscaping, driveways, in front of garages etc. It comes with either a plastic or galvanised grid and usually in 1m lengths.

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More Info on Plastic Drainage Channel:

Drainage channels are among the most popular options for use with paving projects. They provide a simple, elegant, and cheap solution that can reduce expensive underground pipework installation while ensuring surface water is safely removed from paved areas.

This surface water can be from surface runoff, driveways, or roof gutters. The drain then takes this water to the collection point or the main sewer system.

Drainage Channels Explained

Drainage channels, commonly dubbed as linear or aco drains, are a popular choice since they’re easy to install and design. They’re also a neat, tidy, cheaper and totally discreet drainage solution used everywhere from the most miniature domestic configurations up to scale whole regions.

Channel drainage is typically made of a detachable grate and a channel. You might also need end caps, sumps, and other accessories.

Types of Channel Drains and Channel Drainage

  1. Metal (an excellent choice for moving surface water in the bathroom)
  2. Concrete
  3. Plastic (Polypropylene)
  4. Polymer concrete

Types of Grate

  1. Galvanised steel
  2. Concrete/stone
  3. Aluminium
  4. Ductile iron
  5. Plastic (Polypropylene) (sometimes a with 'cast iron' look)
  6. Cast iron
  7. Stainless ductile
  8. Stainless steel

Load Classes

There are six loading classes available that comply with the European Standard DIN 19580:

  1. A-15kN

Cyclists and pedestrians only

  1. B-125kN

Light slow-moving traffic, residential driveways, and car parks only

  1. C-250kN

Small industrial and commercial car parks and service stations

  1. D-400kN

Carriageway use and all public highways

  1. E-600kN

Industrial and commercial heavy loads

  1. F-900kN

Military, exceptional loads, airports and freight yards

Features and Advantages of Channel Drainage Solutions

  1. Simple to Design

When laying channel drainage, no complicated couplers or layouts are required. Conflicts with underground cables and service pipes are easily avoided. Using channel drain systems means that the channels can act as carrier pipes and multiple points drain.

  1. Maintenance and Access of Channel Drains is Easy

Grates are easy to strip off with locking systems, bolts or keys, giving you full access to the channel below. Slot drains have access units, easily accessed with lift keys and sumps have easy to remove buckets.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Channel drains can be discrete or part of the design – the choice is yours.

How to Choose Channel Drainage

These three key things will help you decide the type of channel drain you need.

  1. Capacity

How much water does your drainage channel system need to cope with?

  1. Loading

How much weight is going to be exerted on your drainage channels?

  1. Aesthetics

What do you want your drainage channel to look like?

Why Choose Plastic Drain Channels?

  1. Physical Properties

  • High impact resistance
  • High breaking resistance
  • Temperature stable (from -20°C to +95°C)
  1. Chemical Properties

  • Resistant to alkali and most organic solvents
  • High UV-Stability
  • Resistant to acid
  • Resistant to de-icing salt
  1. Advantages

As a result of the excellent material properties through the use of the plastic channel drains arise the following product benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to lay
  • Easy handling
  • Strong edges
  • Greater self-cleaning effect

Channel Drainage Frequently Asked Questions

Am I getting a high-quality product?

Yes. All our products are of the highest quality from some of the largest manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

Is anti modern slavery part of your policy terms conditions?

At EasyMerchant, we're dedicated to acting ethically and honestly in all our business relations. We ensure that there is no modern slavery in any part of our business or our supply chains.

Do the channel drain joints have to be sealed?

No. Once the concrete is poured, the concrete itself acts as the sealant.

Which essential tools do I need for DIY installation?

Having the right basic hand tools, and power tools is an absolute must for any job on hand.

Are my credit card details safe when ordering online?

Yes. Easymerchant uses a well-known, secure system for online ordering that is used worldwide.


EasyMerchant’s Plastic Drain Channels – A Perfect Solution

EasyMerchant provides a superior system suitable for all aspects of your channel drainage needs. We supply builds to suit all circumstances and can supply any width or length.

We also supply a variety of accessories, including silt traps/ sump units, quadrants, channel drain corners, channel drain outlets, and channel drain end caps.

Free delivery is available for all orders above £120/ex VAT. Feel free to create an account with your email address when placing your order.

Also, don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any help from our customer service team. You'll get through to us quickly - and you'll be talking to someone who understands your trade. In the rare instance we can solve your problem or answer your question immediately, we'll call you back shortly afterwards with all the information you need.