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Twin Wall Street Light / Traffic Signal Orange Ducting

Buy Twinwall Ducting Coils in Orange. Available for excellent prices, used for the installation street lighting / traffic signal cables. We keep twinwall ducting in all colours for use in all applications. All of our Street Light / Traffic Signals duct pipes are made in accordance with UK regulations and are approved for usage in the united kingdom. We also maintain a complete array of ducting accessories such as underground mark tapes along with drawcords.

More Information on Orange Twinwall Duct for the Protection of Street Lighting or Traffic Signals Cables

We can provide orange Twinwall Ducting is available in two dimensions - 110mm and 63mm.

As part of our wide and varied ducting range, we carry a host of orange ducting products - designed for street light and traffic light applications.

Remember, if you can't see the exact part you need - pick up the phone or drop us a message. We can track down even the most obscure ducting parts - and you can be confident you'll pay rock-bottom prices when you're dealing with EasyMerchant!

What is orange twinwall?

Orange ducting is used specifically for street lighting and traffic signalling applications - and the orange colour is designed to differentiate the ducts from other, similar twinwall corrugated products when digging.

It's referred to as 'twinwall' simply because it's made up of two layers. The outer layer is a corrugated surface, designed to disperse pressure and increase the duct's surface area, increasing strength without taking up more room that is necessary. Inside, the duct has a smooth bore, allowing for easy pulling in of street light cables.

What's orange street lighting twinwall duct pipe made from?

This type of ducting is made from high density polyethylene - or HDPE for short. As a ducting material, HDPE is very hard to beat, as it has a number of important qualities.

Firstly, it's incredible lightweight and strong. The lightweight nature of HDPE means it's easily and cost-effectively transported too - so it doesn't cost a fortune to have it shipped to your location. Of course, reduced transportation costs also means a benefit to the environment too.

HDPE is also highly impact resistant. You don't want a product that has to be handled carefully when it comes to digging trenches and pulling in cable - so HDPE will stand up to the knocks that come its way. When it comes to backfilling your trench, you'll find that these ducts are incredible notch resistant too - so you can get them in the ground with a minimum of fuss.

As well as being tough - HDPE is also inert, which means it will not react to chemicals in its surroundings. Not only does this protect it from chemicals it might come into direct contact with - but it also means the the surrounding underground environment will not cause undue deterioration of the ducting.

This type of ducting is also flexible - which does away with the need for bringing in angles and junctions. Making large radius bends is no problem at all - and the strength of the duct will not be compromised as it flexes.

More useful features

As well as all the properties that make these HDPE products ideal for the job at hand, you'll also find that there's draw cord included, making pulling cables in a piece of cake - with no additonal effort needed when your products land at your site.

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