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Domestic, A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 & F900 Specs available

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Channel drains are sometimes known as linear or Aco drains -- and the odds are, you've probably walked or driven one at the last 24 hours. Channel drains are a totally unobtrusive, tidy and neat drainage solution that is used anywhere from the tiniest internal domestic configurations up to large scale places. A wide range of linear channel drainage systems are available to suit loading classifications according to BS-EN 1433 -- (drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas). We built to suit all circumstances and can supply level depth.

Channel drains are a construction product used around the world for a variety of purposes. You could also hear them being called linear or trench drains or drain channels. But how does channel drainage work? The explanation as to how channel drainage works is that it's based on gravity. Accordingly, channel drains should always be positioned at a point where surface water is likely to roll towards - under no circumstances should the water be expected to climb uphill! They're made up of grating over the top with the channel usually being made from plastic, concrete or a composite material. The aim of channel drainage would be to remove surface water away from an area (such as a driveway or car park). This also helps to reduce flood and over spill. These drains are also utilised to control water flow by reducing the pressure being put on the system in the area it's been installed.

There are those with built-in falls, and ones that maintain a regular depth along their entire length. Those with drops tend to be employed to drain large, flat areas such as car parks. The 100mm deep plastic type is used for brief lengths of drain, and on regions with a small slope or fall. Additionally, there are a variety of accessories that will be required for specific projects. We supply a broad range including sump units, corner and accessibility units, end caps, and socket adaptors for channel drains.

At EasyMerchant, we've got a wide range of channel drainage products available. These include basic 1 metre long plastic units for use on private driveways, through to stainless steel components for airports or large car parks.

Drain channels come in a variety of sizes, from units for roof drainage all the way up to 250mm for motorway drains. They are designed using a lot of different of materials, including stainless steel, concrete that was wet-pressed, HDPE plastic and polymer concrete. The purpose for installing the drainage channel will determine which type is most suitable (We have guides available to help you select the correct channel). 

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